10 Amazing Waterfalls To See In Mississippi

Mississippi is located in the southeastern region of the United States and is bordered by the Mississippi River. The state has a population of approximately 3 million people, making it the 34th most populous state in the country. The capital of Mississippi is Jackson, the largest city in the state with a population of over 175,000 people.

Mississippi is known for its agriculture, forestry, and manufacturing industries. The state is also home to several universities and colleges, including the University of Mississippi, Ole Miss, Mississippi State University, and Jackson State University.

Mississippi has a humid subtropical climate with long, hot summers and short, mild winters. The state is susceptible to hurricanes and tornadoes.

Mississippi is a beautiful state with a rich history and culture. Mississippi is a great option if you are looking for a place to visit or relocate to.

If you’re looking for a vacation in the South, don’t hesitate to spend some time at the tranquil and serene waterfalls in Mississippi. Mississippi has many more waterfalls than you could ever imagine.

The beauty of waterfalls is a peaceful and tranquil place to relax and be with the natural world. Mississippi offers more waterfalls than you might expect from these swampy areas. The hiking trails of Mississippi that offer spectacular views of the South are a great choice for backpackers.

Traveling through lush greenery and hearing the gentle thump of falls deep in the south is amazing. Tourists, as well as locals, love the Mississippi forest’s beauty.

Are you excited to travel to Mississippi? Do not know where to begin planning your trip? These suggestions will help you get started on your next trip to Mississippi.

Dunns Falls

Dunns Falls is a great choice for those who love waterfalls and historic preservation. Dunns Falls can be found in South East Mississippi, in Enterprise. Travelers can access the entire Dunns Falls waterpark by paying a modest admission fee.

The water park offers a great day of fun for families who enjoy outdoor dining. The park has a playground, benches for picnicking, and grills to cook hot dogs. There are also tent camping facilities and cabin rentals.

Enjoy the scenic trails and the 65-foot drop of the waterfall. You can also admire Dunn’s historic 1857 Grist Mill as well as the charming homestead. Visitors can still see old machinery and tools from the mill, which was once the center of social life in the area.

Rawson Gully Falls

Are you looking for adventure and off-the-beaten-track adventures? Rawson Gully Falls is a great place for adventurers who love to draw their own maps. Rawson Gully waterfalls are located in Lauderdale County, Mississippi. Although little is known about the waterfall’s mysterious origins, people still visit its staggering height of 131 feet. The pool is shallow and easy to navigate.

The Rawson Gully waterfall water flows through the thick green foliage of the nearby forest. You should also visit the Mississippi Rawson Gully Falls.

Rocky Falls

Rocky Falls is an excellent place for fishing and exploring the outdoors. Rocky Falls can be reached in just 20 minutes from Copiah County State Wildlife Management Area park.

The surrounding area is lush with green forest, making it feel as if you are far from the real world. You will find a beautiful flowing spring at the Rocky creek as you descend from the falls.

The area is ideal for anyone looking to relax and enjoy the beauty of Mississippi’s waterfalls. Clayborn County is home to this waterfall.

Rocky Falls remains as mysterious as Rawson Gully Falls. There is not much online information about the waterfall. The falls are a popular spot that is worth a visit by vacationers.

Mint Spring Falls

All over Mississippi, there are waterfalls. Are you looking to be closer to the Mississippi River? Mint Spring Falls is a great place to go if you want to see falls with water that is linked to the Mississippi River through springs nearby. The Mint Spring Bayou provides freshwater that flows directly to the Mint Spring Falls.

Mint Spring Falls is named for the wild mint found in the region. This was the inspiration behind the Mint Julep, a popular southern beverage. This is the best hiking trail in Mississippi that has waterfalls.

This waterfall, hidden in the Vicksburg National Military Park, is an adventure waiting for you. This fall is currently off-limits to tourists, but it could reopen and make a great stop for any south-bound vacation.

Seminary Falls

Are you looking to take the whole family on vacation in the South? Seminary Falls makes a great stop. Seminary Falls can be found in Seminary Mississippi, right next to the Bouie River.

It is very close to Okatoma River Park. Reformed priest Rev. This town still has the historic Zion Seminary founded by Rev.

The area offers camping options for campers who want to live in harmony with the natural world and cabins and RV parks for people who prefer to have a comfortable home. Staying near the seminary waterfalls is a great option for those who want to explore more than just Mississippi’s hiking trails with waterfalls.

The Seminary Canoe and Kayaking Rental Services are available all year, with even a Food Truck. You can spend a few days in the quiet and serene area of Seminary Falls, which offers amazing water recreation.

Owens Creek Falls

Owens Creek Falls is a historic landmark in Hermanville (Mississippi). It is located along the Natchez Trace Parkway.

Following the Natchez Trace National Scenic Trail, you can also visit Owen Creek Falls and a tributary waterfall. The Owen Creeks Falls are a favorite swimming spot.

The Rocky Springs Community once lived in the area surrounding Owens Creek Falls during the 1790s. Its name derives from the nearby landscape where water rushes through rocks. The area was home to 2,616 residents in 1860. However, the number of people living there dropped to 0. by the 1940s.

Only the remains of the Methodist church, the cemetery, the safe for the post office, and the cistern are all that remain. This area is worth a visit if you enjoy exploring ghost towns.

Unlike the more obscure falls listed on the list, the Owen Creek Falls is easy to find and suitable for people who don’t mind walking through dense forests. A loop trail runs through the region.

The waterfall drops about 10 feet, except after rainstorms when it surges forward faster. These falls are best visited in the spring and winter or when there is heavy rain.

Picnic tables are available for anyone who is looking to take a short day trip or enjoy a picnic. There is also a campsite for those who are more interested in adventure and exploration.

Scutchalo Falls

Scutchalo Falls is not well-known. It’s even more obscure online. This makes it ideal for those who enjoy exploring off the trail. Scutchalo Creek is the tributary that falls on the waterfalls.

The hidden waterfall is between Carpenter and Carlisle in Mississippi’s Copiah County.

Clark Creek Falls

Clark Creek Falls, one of many waterfalls found in the region, is accessible all year round. The area was created in 1978 by the Mississippi Wildlife Heritage Committee, Wilkinson County, David Bramlette, International Paper Co., and the Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks.

Clark Creek Fall is a popular stop for local nature enthusiasts in Mississippi. The Clark Creek Fall in Mississippi is an amazing destination for anyone who wants to see one of Mississippi’s most beloved waterfalls.

Clark Creek Falls is also known as Tunica Falls and can be found in the Clark Creek Natural Area, Woodville, Mississippi. Clark Creek Natural Area is located just two hours from New Orleans and borders Louisiana. It’s the perfect amount of time to do some local exploration.

To enter the park, you must pay a fee per car using the honor system. The trails here are very wide, making it a great place for the whole family. However, there are steep sections around Clark Creek Falls, so it’s great for those who don’t like flat trails.

It is important that you prepare for the terrain and trails. People who prefer to be alone on the trails are better off during weekdays, as they’re less crowded.

Clark Creek Primitive Trail is a loop-style trail that runs 4.3 miles and has restrooms at the start of each mile. You will find steep sections of moss-covered ravines.

This area’s forest is well-known for its beautiful mix of pines and hardwood. You will find some of the rarest trees in this region, including southern sugar maples and serviceberries. Also, you can find umbrella trees, silverbells, big-leaf snowballs, chinquapin Oaks, large-leaf snowballs, and silverbells.

The majority of waterfalls are approximately 15-20 feet in height. This area’s topography is low-lying swamplands nestled amongst bayou country. You will want to be able to wash your clothes as the waterfalls can make you thirsty.

To give you better views, the trails include observation decks and staircases. Clark Creek Falls is a stunning sight to be captured with a camera or phone.

You can bring your dog along on the trail. The only restriction is that dogs must be kept on leads. The enigmatic scenery is enhanced by the colorful forestry that surrounds it. The area covers more than 700 acres and is home to some 50 waterfalls.

You can do a variety of things in the area, such as bird-watching and photography. There are also many trails for botanization along with hiking. Hunting and camping are not permitted in the park to preserve the natural beauty and endangered species.

You will find charming wildlife in this area, including chipmunks and marbled salamanders as well as birds of prey and wild turkeys. Before you leave, make sure to visit the beloved Pond Store.

Natchez Trace

Clark Creek Falls are more well-known than the Natchez Trace Falls, making it a great choice for anyone looking for a quieter and less crowded adventure. They are situated near Fall Hollow’s waterfall on the Natchez Trace Parkway.

National Park Service has created displays at the mileposts to maintain the area. Natchez Trace Parkway is a great natural beauty and history stopover.

You can visit three other waterfalls on the entire Natchez Trace Parkway.

Cooper Falls

Cooper Falls can be found on Pickwick Lake north of the J. B Coleman State Park. These falls, which are 50ft high, can be found in Luka in Mississippi. The state park offers boat access to these waterfalls. There are still areas along the coast where you can reach certain sections of Cooper Falls.

The area is ideal for families who love to waterski. There are many opportunities to go sailing, fishing, or waterskiing in the vicinity. The camp also offers overnight camping so there is no need to do everything in one day.

The J. A visitor center is also available at B Coleman State Park for those who are first-time visitors. The park hosts many other events throughout the year, making it a great place for both first-time visitors and residents.

There are many options available for anyone who wants to explore off the beaten track or just wants to relax and enjoy safe waterfalls nearby. Mississippi’s waterfalls are becoming less well-known, so it is a good idea to visit them before other tourists begin to flock to the area.

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