10 Fun Things to Do in Savannah, GA

Savannah, Georgia is a vibrant city filled with history, charm, and a unique Southern culture. Whether you’re a history buff, a foodie, or a lover of the arts, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in Savannah. From exploring the historic district to indulging in delicious Southern cuisine, here are the key takeaways of the 10 fun things to do in Savannah, GA:

Key Takeaways

  • Explore the historic district and stroll along River Street
  • Indulge in Southern cuisine and try the famous Savannah shrimp and grits
  • Experience Savannah’s vibrant nightlife and enjoy live music at The Jinx
  • Discover Savannah’s haunted history and take a ghost tour of the haunted locations
  • Shop at local boutiques and browse unique finds at The Paris Market

Explore Historic District

Stroll along River Street

While strolling along River Street, visitors can immerse themselves in the unique charm of Savannah. The district is lined with boutiques, restaurants, studios, and galleries, offering a variety of shopping and dining experiences. As you stroll, take note of the various monuments, such as the African American Monument and the World War II memorial, that add to the historical significance of the area. For a taste of old-world charm, consider staying at the River Street Inn, which offers balconies with a view of the Savannah River. Another option is the Rocks the Roof Lounge, where you can enjoy food, cocktails, and more views of the river. If you’re looking for a different perspective, cruises of the Savannah River are available, including dinner, holiday, and wedding cruises. The River Street District is also home to a wealth of historic buildings that reflect Savannah’s rich history and heritage. Take a leisurely stroll and admire the architecture, stepping back in time to appreciate the beauty of these well-preserved structures. After your riverboat cruise, make sure to explore the River Street District, where you can shop, dine, and fully immerse yourself in the charm of Savannah.

Visit Forsyth Park

When exploring Savannah’s Historic District, make sure to set aside some time to visit Forsyth Park. This sprawling green space is a true oasis in the heart of the city. Take a leisurely walk through the park, admiring the lush trees and vibrant flowers that surround you. Don’t forget to stop by the famous fountain, a centerpiece of the park that adds a touch of elegance to the scenery. With its tranquil atmosphere, Forsyth Park is the perfect spot for a leisurely picnic or some rousing people-watching.

Take a tour of the Mercer Williams House

The Mercer Williams House is a beautiful Renaissance-style mansion in Savannah. Designed by the great-grandfather of Johnny Mercer, Savannah’s famed lyricist, this house is a must-visit attraction. With its high ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a large foyer with original British tiles, the house exudes elegance. It has retained its original moldings, 18th-century Chinese porcelain, and stained glass from 1868. The Mercer House can be seen in the movies ‘Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil’ and ‘Glory.’ Thirty-five-minute tours are available throughout the day, and adult admission is $13.50. Children younger than 7 can visit the house for free. Address: 429 Bull Street, Savannah. Visit the website for more information.

Indulge in Southern Cuisine

Try the famous Savannah shrimp and grits

When in Savannah, a must-try dish is the famous Savannah shrimp and grits. This classic Southern dish combines plump, juicy shrimp with creamy, buttery grits for a truly indulgent experience. The shrimp are typically seasoned with a blend of spices and cooked to perfection, while the grits are cooked until they are smooth and velvety. The combination of flavors and textures is simply irresistible.

If you’re looking for a restaurant that serves delicious shrimp and grits, be sure to check out The Public Kitchen & Bar. Located at 1 W. Liberty Street, this gastropub offers a fresh and local take on the dish. Their menu also features other mouthwatering options like coconut curry served over rice. Don’t forget to pair your meal with a locally-produced beer from their wide selection.

For a unique dining experience, consider sharing a meal with new friends at Mrs. Wilkes’ Dining Room. This classic Savannah spot serves classic Southern comfort food family-style at large community tables. It’s a great way to enjoy a delicious meal while meeting new people.

If you’re in the mood for seafood with a view, head to The Wyld Dock Bar. This dockside bar and restaurant offers the freshest seafood and one of the best views in town. The casual vibe and no-reservations policy make it a favorite among locals. Grab a cocktail, sit back, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Whether you choose to indulge in shrimp and grits, share a meal at Mrs. Wilkes’, or enjoy seafood with a view at The Wyld, Savannah offers a variety of options for food lovers. Don’t miss the opportunity to savor the flavors of this charming Southern city.

Savor a Lowcountry boil

One of the must-try dishes in Savannah is the Lowcountry boil. This Southern delicacy is a flavorful combination of shrimp, corn, sausage, and potatoes, boiled together with a special blend of spices. The result is a mouthwatering dish that perfectly captures the essence of Southern cuisine. The combination of tender shrimp, juicy sausage, and hearty potatoes creates a satisfying and comforting meal. Whether you’re a seafood lover or just looking to try something new, the Lowcountry boil is a must-have when visiting Savannah.

Sample Southern fried chicken

When it comes to Southern cuisine, one dish that you must try in Savannah is the Southern fried chicken. This classic dish is a staple in the region and is known for its crispy, golden-brown exterior and juicy, flavorful meat. Whether you prefer it spicy or mild, there are plenty of restaurants in Savannah that serve up delicious fried chicken. Pair it with traditional sides like creamy grits and collard greens for a truly authentic Southern meal. Don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in this mouthwatering dish during your visit to Savannah!

Experience Savannah’s Nightlife

Enjoy live music at The Jinx

After a night of exploring Savannah’s historic district, head over to The Jinx for some live music. This iconic venue has a storied past, dating back to the 1800s. It has been carefully restored and renovated over the years to remain one of the city’s finest places to catch a show. Whether you’re into off-Broadway plays or live music, The Jinx has something for everyone. With a cozy atmosphere and a lineup of talented musicians, it’s the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy some great tunes.

Sip craft cocktails at The Alley Cat Lounge

After enjoying the live music at The Jinx, head over to The Alley Cat Lounge for some delicious craft cocktails. This cozy and stylish lounge is the perfect place to unwind and sip on expertly crafted drinks. Try their signature Alley Cat Martini, made with a blend of premium spirits and fresh ingredients. The bartenders at The Alley Cat Lounge are known for their creativity and attention to detail, so you’re sure to be impressed with their unique concoctions. Whether you prefer a classic cocktail or something more adventurous, The Alley Cat Lounge has something for everyone.

Dance the night away at Club Elan

Club Elan is the perfect place to let loose and dance the night away in Savannah. With its energetic atmosphere and talented DJs, you’ll be grooving to the latest beats and enjoying the vibrant nightlife scene. The club offers a spacious dance floor where you can show off your moves and mingle with fellow party-goers. Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or just looking to have a fun night out, Club Elan is the place to be.

Discover Savannah’s Haunted History

Take a ghost tour of the haunted locations

If you’re feeling brave, a ghost tour is a must-do activity in Savannah. Explore the city’s haunted locations and hear chilling stories of paranormal activity. You can choose from a variety of tours, including a haunted trolley tour, a guided walking tour through cemeteries, or even a haunted pub crawl. These tours offer a unique and spine-tingling experience, perfect for thrill-seekers and history enthusiasts alike.

During the tour, you’ll have the opportunity to visit famous haunted spots, such as the Sorrel-Weed House and the Bonaventure Cemetery. You might even encounter some ghostly activity yourself!

If you’re interested in a more in-depth investigation, the theater at 222 Bull St offers a Haunted Tour where you can join paranormal investigators and explore the backstage area. It’s a great way to learn about the theater’s history and possibly have a paranormal encounter.

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, a ghost tour is a fun and spooky way to explore Savannah’s haunted history. Just be prepared for a few goosebumps along the way!

Visit the Bonaventure Cemetery

Bonaventure Cemetery is a historically significant site and the final resting place of Johnny Mercer, Conrad Aiken, and Little Gracie Watkins. It is a popular stop on most ghost tours in Savannah, Georgia. The cemetery spans 100 acres and features beautiful Victorian-style architecture. Visitors can stroll through the walkways and admire the headstones of famous individuals. Admission to the cemetery is free, and guided tours are available on the second Saturday and Sunday of each month at 2:00 p.m. The best time to visit is in March when the azaleas are in full bloom, creating a breathtaking scene. The cemetery is open daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Explore the Sorrel-Weed House

The Sorrel-Weed House is a historic landmark in Savannah, GA. Located at 6 W Harris St, in the Downtown neighborhood, it offers guided tours that provide a glimpse into the city’s rich history. The house is known for its beautiful architecture and is a must-visit for history enthusiasts. During the tour, you’ll learn about the fascinating stories and legends associated with the house. Whether you’re interested in architecture, history, or the paranormal, the Sorrel-Weed House is a captivating destination.

Shop at Local Boutiques

Browse unique finds at The Paris Market

If you’re looking for a truly unique shopping experience in Savannah, make sure to visit The Paris Market and Brocante. This charming market is housed in a former Victorian grocery dating back to 1874, giving it a historic and nostalgic atmosphere. With its 5,200 square feet of space spread across two stories, you’ll find a wide variety of lovely gifts and one-of-a-kind home goods.

Don’t forget to stop by the Paris Market Café and indulge in a freshly made pastry or a selection of macarons before you leave. It’s the perfect way to treat yourself after a day of browsing.

For more information, you can visit their website at theparismarket.com or head to their location at 36 W. Broughton Street, Savannah, GA 31401.

Discover handmade treasures at ShopSCAD

ShopSCAD is a must-visit destination for art enthusiasts and anyone looking for unique, locally crafted products. Located in the heart of Savannah, ShopSCAD offers a wide array of handmade treasures that make for perfect gifts or personal indulgences. From artisanal salt blends and delectable honey to handcrafted leather goods and unique spirits, you can find a diverse selection of products that showcase the creativity and talent of local artisans.

If you’re looking for a special memento from your visit to Savannah, ShopSCAD is the place to go. The store features stunning artwork created by students from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), the number one art school in the U.S. You can browse through the collection and discover one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect the vibrant art scene of the city.

In addition to the wide range of products, ShopSCAD also supports the local community and economy. By purchasing from the store, you are directly supporting the businesses and artisans that make Savannah truly special. So, whether you’re looking for a unique souvenir or a special gift, make sure to stop by ShopSCAD and explore the handmade treasures that await you.

Explore vintage clothing at Civvies

Civvies is a must-visit boutique in Savannah for vintage clothing enthusiasts. Located in the heart of the city, Civvies offers a curated collection of unique and stylish pieces from different eras. Whether you’re looking for a statement dress from the 1950s or a funky jacket from the 1980s, Civvies has something for everyone. The store’s friendly staff are knowledgeable about vintage fashion and can help you find the perfect outfit. Step into the past and discover the hidden gems at Civvies.

Enjoy Outdoor Activities

Rent a bike and explore the city

Biking is a fantastic way to explore Savannah and take in its natural beauty. The city offers several cycling routes that allow you to discover charming historical sites, picturesque squares, and breathtaking waterfront views. Pedal your way through the scenic trails and soak in the fresh air as you connect with nature. Whether you choose to explore the botanical gardens or embark on a cycling adventure, Savannah’s outdoor activities promise an unforgettable experience.

Take a scenic boat tour on the Savannah River

When visiting Savannah, a must-do activity is to embark on a riverboat cruise along the picturesque Savannah River. As you float along the water, you’ll be treated to breathtaking scenic views that showcase the beauty of this historic city. The cruise also offers live entertainment, adding a touch of excitement and fun to your journey. What sets this riverboat experience apart is the opportunity to indulge in a delicious Southern-style meal. You can savor mouthwatering dishes that truly capture the essence of Southern cuisine. From savory fried chicken to creamy grits and flavorful collard greens, your taste buds are in for a treat. So, prepare to relax, soak in the sights, enjoy live entertainment, and indulge in a delectable meal as you cruise along the Savannah River. It’s a wonderful way to fully immerse yourself in the charm and beauty of Savannah.

Picnic in Forsyth Park

Forsyth Park, located in Savannah’s Historic District, is a sprawling green space that offers a tranquil atmosphere for a leisurely picnic. Take a walk through the park and admire the lush trees and vibrant flowers that surround you. Don’t forget to stop by the famous fountain, a centerpiece of the park that adds a touch of elegance to the scenery. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful picnic or some rousing people-watching, Forsyth Park is the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Visit Savannah’s Museums

Learn about maritime history at the Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum

The Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum in Savannah, Georgia is a must-visit for anyone interested in maritime history. The museum features a collection of maritime artifacts, models, and paintings that showcase Savannah’s rich seafaring heritage. With nine separate galleries, visitors can explore a wide range of ship models, including modern navy ships, ironclads, colonial vessels, and ocean-going steamers. The museum also houses the historic Scarbrough House and boasts one of the largest gardens in Savannah’s historic district. Whether you’re a history buff or simply curious about Savannah’s maritime past, a visit to the Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum is sure to be a fascinating experience.

Explore the art collection at the Telfair Museums

The Telfair Museums encompass three separate buildings: the Telfair Academy, the Owens-Thomas House & Slave Quarters, and the Jepson Center and Telfair Children’s Art Museum. The Telfair Academy is a two-story mansion built in 1891 that houses a collection of nineteenth- and twentieth-century American and European art, including paintings, sculpture, and decorative arts. The Owens-Thomas House & Slave Quarters offers guided tours that explore the former family home through the lens of the enslaved people who once worked there. The Jepson Center and Telfair Children’s Art Museum is a modern building filled with art from around the world, both historic and contemporary. Each museum offers a unique perspective on Savannah’s place in America’s collective past through architecture, history, and art. Visitors can also enjoy various exhibitions, film screenings, artist talks, and performances throughout the year. The Telfair Museums serve as a vital cultural center that connects people of all backgrounds and ages, providing opportunities for education and appreciation of the arts.

Discover the history of the Girl Scouts at the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace

Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace, also recognized as the “Wayne-Gordon House,” is the first Girl Scout Headquarters, located in Savannah, Georgia. Owned by the Girl Scouts of the USA, the house now serves as a popular history museum for all who visit Savannah. The museum might be the only one of its kind in the country created specifically for the enjoyment of girls – though it is cherished by everyone. Kids can trace the past of Juliette Gordon Low, and the Girl Scout Movement she initiated. Children can also enjoy guided tours; the Morning Girl Scout Troop Experience; and discounted admission rates.

Attend Festivals and Events

Experience the Savannah Music Festival

Savannah knows how to celebrate, and throughout the year, the city hosts a plethora of festivals and events that showcase its vibrant culture and community spirit. From the world-famous St. Patrick’s Day Parade, where the city turns green with joyous revelry, to the Savannah Music Festival, a multi-genre extravaganza featuring renowned artists, there’s always something exciting happening in Savannah. Immerse yourself in art festivals, food and wine events, film festivals, and more, as you join in the lively atmosphere and create unforgettable memories. There are countless reasons to visit Savannah in 2024 and beyond! No matter what draws you to our beautiful city, rest assured that Savannah is eagerly awaiting your arrival and ready to provide you with an unforgettable experience.

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with the famous parade

Savannah is known for its vibrant celebrations, and one of the most famous events is the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. This annual parade, organized by Savannah’s Hibernian Society, has been a tradition since 1813 and draws hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world. The parade, which lasts for three to four hours, is a joyous display of green and features marching bands, colorful floats, and enthusiastic participants. It’s a must-see event if you’re in Savannah during this festive holiday.

Enjoy the Savannah Food and Wine Festival

The Savannah Food and Wine Festival is a must-visit event for food and wine enthusiasts. This annual festival showcases the best of Savannah’s culinary scene, featuring a wide variety of delicious dishes and exquisite wines. From gourmet tastings to cooking demonstrations by renowned chefs, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re a seasoned foodie or just looking to indulge in some tasty treats, the Savannah Food and Wine Festival is sure to satisfy your cravings. Don’t miss out on this gastronomic extravaganza!

In Conclusion

Savannah, GA is a city that offers a wealth of fun and exciting activities for visitors of all ages. From exploring the historic district and its beautiful squares to enjoying the natural beauty of parks and gardens, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re on a budget or looking to splurge, Savannah has it all. So pack your bags and get ready to experience the charm and hospitality of this southern gem!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some free things to do in Savannah?

Some free things to do in Savannah include visiting the squares and parks in the Historic District, exploring Forsyth Park, and attending free events like the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

What are some popular attractions in Savannah?

Some popular attractions in Savannah include River Street, Forsyth Park, the Mercer Williams House, and the Bonaventure Cemetery.

Where can I find the best Southern cuisine in Savannah?

You can find the best Southern cuisine in Savannah at restaurants like The Olde Pink House, Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room, and The Grey.

Are there any haunted locations to visit in Savannah?

Yes, there are several haunted locations to visit in Savannah, including the Sorrel-Weed House, the Moon River Brewing Company, and the Colonial Park Cemetery.

What outdoor activities can I enjoy in Savannah?

In Savannah, you can rent a bike and explore the city, take a scenic boat tour on the Savannah River, and have a picnic in Forsyth Park.

What museums are worth visiting in Savannah?

Some museums worth visiting in Savannah are the Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum, the Telfair Museums, and the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace.

What festivals and events can I attend in Savannah?

You can attend the Savannah Music Festival, the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, and the Savannah Food and Wine Festival in Savannah.

Where can I shop for unique finds in Savannah?

You can shop for unique finds in Savannah at The Paris Market, ShopSCAD, and Civvies.

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