16 Best Restaurants In Tupelo MS You Have To Experience

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Located in northeast Mississippi, Tupelo has a lot of sights and places that will interest many. It is the birthplace of the legendary king of rock and roll, Elvis Presley. It is also a top destination for motor fans as it is home to the recently closed Tupelo Automobile Museum. You can also explore the veteran’s museum and parks, and zoos in the city.

Whatever brings you to Tupelo, Mississippi, you will surely need to take a bite sooner or later. This article runs through some of the finest restaurants to wine and dine in Tupelo. It details each restaurant’s unique selling point, the dishes available, and other services they render. Let’s take a bite.

Noon Restaurant

Noon is a modest restaurant that offers healthy eating options in Tupelo. The restaurant serves vegan and gluten-free menus that individuals with dietary restrictions or special dietary preferences will like.

The restaurant is located in downtown Tupelo, and customers have the freedom to choose between chef-created recipes or create their custom recipes using the ingredients provided. The dishes on the chef’s menu include vegan-friendly Noon Pasta Salad, Avocado Tomato Salad, Ahi Salad, Poke Bowl, Cauliflower Teriyaki Bowl, Hanoi Bowl, Aspen Kale Salad, and Tupelo Stir Bowl.
Customers can create custom bowls using the array of available bases, proteins, sauces, and toppings. This dining option allows vegans to have more control over the content of their food. The restaurant operates on weekdays and offers outdoor seating to customers.

Overall, Noon’s menu is not the fanciest around. However, its farm-fresh ingredients and vegan-friendly menu will be an endearing factor.

Kermit’s Soul Kitchen

Formerly known as Kermit’s Outlaw Kitchen, this restaurant has a retro feel with its wooden furnishings and exposed brickwork. The restaurant uses locally sourced meat and ingredients and is aptly described as where the Mississippi farm meets Mississippi tables.

The restaurant operates every day of the week except Sundays and serves a wide array of dishes. They have salad and bowl options, including Farm-fresh Salad, Veggie Plate, and Sweet Potato Tiki. Their wangs and thangs options serve cauliflower bites, smoked chicken wings, and loaded fries. The restaurant’s grilled dishes are collectively referred to as Kermit’s Smokeshop, and they serve some of the finest smoked ribs in Tupelo.

If you’re ever in the mood for a food challenge, you can try Kermit’s Soul Kitchen’s Intergalactic Hot Wing Challenge, which contains ten smoked wings soaked in the restaurant’s custom-made hot sauce. Customers are given a cup of iced water and have a quarter of an hour to finish all ten wings.

Forklift Restaurant

I assure you you’re not doing the heavy lifting here, and you can enjoy perhaps one of the most romantic dining atmospheres in Tupelo. It is one of the upscale restaurants in Tupelo and offers some of the best services.

The restaurant is open only five days a week (except Mondays and Sundays) for lunch and dinner and is closed in between.
Forklift Restaurant prides itself on its years of excellent service delivery involving combining different techniques and ingredients for a unique southern sass. The restaurant offers traditional and vegetarian food options, including grilled gulf oysters, fried chicken, cauliflower steak, and tabbouleh salad.

The restaurant also serves hand-made cocktails, offering old and new flavors and everything in between. The fresh cocktail can also be taken home if you so desire. Customers often leave rave reviews about the staff at Forklift Restaurant.

Johnnie’s Drive-In

If you want a classic dining experience that captures the true essence of Tupelo, Johnnie’s Drive-In is the perfect restaurant for you. The family-owned restaurant is iconic for many reasons. It is one of the oldest restaurants in the city; it is located across the street from Presley’s birthplace and is also Presley’s favorite. There is a picture of Presley inside the restaurant, and his favorite booth is marked.

The restaurant still serves the menu options from Presley’s time today. You can always enjoy a delightful breakfast of bacon and sausage. The restaurant also serves fried chicken salad and grilled chicken salad. The outdoor seating option means you can eat outside and take in the environment.

Johnnie’s Drive-In is popular among the locals and could be the perfect place for visitors to meet the locals and socialize. The restaurant offers takeout and is open every day of the week except Sundays.

Aunt B’s Soul Food Restaurant

Like Johnnie’s Drive-In, Aunt B’s Soul Food Restaurant is another classic family-owned Tupelo restaurant. Aunt B’s Soul Food serves up generational recipes and flavors with the same attentive customer service as always. Although it doesn’t offer outdoor seating, the wall of the restaurant’s interior is decorated with posters and memorabilia. Some bongo drums and other musical instruments are carefully nestled on one side of the restaurant; if you’re lucky, you could enjoy a live band while enjoying your meal.

Aunt B’s offers takeouts and delivery. Customers particularly hail the veggies at Aunt B’s as one of the best they’ve ever had. Although the restaurant is small, there’s a constant flow of customers. The restaurant opens every day of the week. Credit cards are accepted here, and you can make reservations.

Fairpark Grill

Fairpark Grill is another trendy restaurant in downtown Tupelo; it is part of The Grill chain of restaurants located across the activity hubs in north Mississippi. Thus, the Fairpark Grill is simply referred to as The Grill by locals. The atmosphere at the Fairpark Grill is nothing short of sophisticated. It opens at 11 am every day just in time for brunch and closes at 9 pm, making it an ideal spot for lunch and dinner.

The menu at the Fairpark Grill is eclectic, serving up cuisines from all over the world in a sleek and modern-looking interior. The Fairpark Grill also offers gluten-free options, customers can inform the waiters of their gluten allergy, and they’ll be pointed to the gluten-free options available or those that can be adjusted. The bar at the grill offers an assortment of beers and wines. The restaurant takes reservations and offers delivery and takeout.

Blue Canoe Bar and Grill

The Blue Canoe Bar and Grill is one of the best restaurants to enjoy live music in Tupelo. The restaurant is not only about the live music; the food is also excellent. The restaurant has thrice won the Mississippi Magazine’s Best Dessert in MS award. Blue Canoe Bar serves mostly hands-on food and offers daily specials on most nights. The restaurant’s burgers and sandwiches are customer favorites, especially the Smash Burger.

The Blue Canoe Bar and Grill is not your best shot if you’re looking for a quick breakfast because it doesn’t open until 3 pm. However, the restaurant is available to serve you delectable lunches and dinners late into the night as they stay open until midnight.

With its large selection of craft beers, you can never go thirsty while enjoying the live music and fantastic food here. The Blue Canoe Bar and Grill is the perfect restaurant for funky people as it balances live music with quality food.

Pizza vs. Tacos

The restaurant’s name says it all. Pizza vs. Tacos is your go-to restaurant for the best pizzas and tacos in Tupelo, Mississippi. The mural of tacos battling pizzas and the exterior painting of warring pizzas and tacos are the perfect backdrop that signals things to come. For instance, tasting the Jerk Chicken pizza and Classic Barbeque taco here will leave you fighting a mini-battle within yourself to decide which is the best.

Concentrating on these two types of food has helped the management and staff of the restaurant to become masters of the craft. Their tacos and pizzas are always fresh. The menu is not all pizzas and tacos; the restaurant also serves chips and dips. You could also get drinks like beer, wine, cocktails, and margaritas. The restaurant does not offer outdoor seating but offers delivery and takeouts. It is open from 5 pm to 9 pm every day except Sundays.

Bulldog Burger Company

Burger lovers, here is something for you. Bulldog Burger Company, Tupelo serves burgers with a rare southern flair. The southern flair is not a surprise since the Tulepo restaurant is part of a chain of local restaurants exclusively located in Mississippi.

True to its name, the restaurant’s menu is filled with different types of burgers. Sandwiches are also available, and their appetizers and salads cater to the needs of diners looking for a lighter meal. Their burgers have unconventional names; the Pimentology and the Bryant are sure to leave you wondering for a few seconds. However, the other options have pretty straightforward names. The restaurant’s Veggie 21 burger is perfect for vegetarians, featuring a vegan patty and an array of veggie toppings.

The restaurant is open from 11 am to 9 pm every day. It is a good spot for group eating. Dogs are allowed here, reservations can be made, and they offer takeouts.

Neon Pig Restaurant

Neon Pig is many things rolled into one. It is a food bar, a butcher shop, and a fresh seafood shop. The butcher shop supplies fresh meat for the restaurant’s food bar. The meat is sourced locally, and the food is hand-made.

You can be sure to find more burger and sandwich options here. Their Smash Burger was voted the best in America. Neon Pig Restaurant is a paradise for diners that love meat, as there are many options for them to try out. Vegetarians are not left out; there’s the Veggie Plate and Trish Bowl option for them as well.

At the Neon Pig Restaurant, you don’t only dine to your satisfaction; you also wine to your satisfaction. You can enjoy some of the best beer collections with your food. The restaurant is open every day and offers takeouts and delivery.

Sao Thai Restaurant

Are you in the mood for some Thai delicacies and wondering if you’ll ever get it in Tupelo? Head on to the Sao Thai Restaurant to satisfy your craving. Although the restaurant serves exquisite Thai dishes, the interior tilts more toward a retro-American interior.
The restaurant is run by a husband and wife, giving the food and overall service a more homely feel. You can try out any of their special dishes, including Basil Fried Rice, Thai Fried Rice, and Panang Curry. Whatever brings you to the Sao Thai Restaurant, Tupelo, you’ll surely leave with an experience of authentic Thai flavor.
The restaurant opens to customers every day except Sundays. It is the perfect place for brunch and lunch, as it typically opens at 11 am. The restaurant also offers takeouts and takes reservations.

Sweet Tea and Biscuits Cafe

Visiting the Sweet Tea and Biscuits Cafe allows you to kill two birds with one stone. First, you can fill your tummy at the restaurant and then check out the marketplace for souvenirs and other items.
We’ll focus more on the restaurant since that’s our primary mission. The restaurant is the epitome of southern hospitality and has an impressive menu.

The restaurant offers some homemade options like their Momma’s Famous Chicken Salad and Homemade Pimento and Cheese Sandwich. You can also have a refreshing cup of the restaurant’s signature sweet tea or any other drink of your choice.
Sweet Tea and Biscuit Cafe is open every day except Mondays and Sundays. The restaurant opens by 11 am and closes by 2 pm. Its business hours mean it is predominantly a brunch restaurant. They offer takeouts and accept credit cards.

Vanelli’s Bistro

Vanelli’s Bistro is another family-owned restaurant in downtown Tupelo. The restaurant’s history dates back to 1975 when the current owner’s father started the modest restaurant. It has since been passed on to the son, who now manages the restaurant.

Locally, Vanelli’s Bistro is mostly known for its pizza. The selections available include crustless pizzas and pita pizzas. There are the bigger 12″ and 16″ customer pizzas. Customers can add veggies and meats to these pizzas at an extra cost.
Vanelli’s Bistro is not only about the pizzas. They also have an impressive pasta ensemble, including their Classic Lasagna and Baked Cheese Pasta. They are open every day of the week except Mondays. Vanelli’s Bistro does not offer delivery and does not accept reservations. However, they offer takeouts and catering services.

Romie’s Grocery

At Romie’s Grocery, diners are treated to a nice and relaxing atmosphere. The restaurant aims to provide every guest with the best Southern cuisine and hospitality. That’s why their menu is filled with classic Southern cuisines. You can try out some of their main dishes, like meatloaf and fried chicken. They also serve vegetables like mashed potatoes and gravy, side salad, corn salad, and fried green tomatoes. It is important to note that the restaurant’s specials change daily. So, you should check ahead before visiting.

Romie’s Grocery is the perfect spot to grab a quick lunch or dinner, as they open right in time for early lunch and long enough to serve dinners. The restaurant’s patio has been remodeled to offer extra seating space and more room for group dining and partying. If you’re a fan of live bands, be sure to check out Romie’s Grocery on Thursday nights.

Cafe 212

Cafe 212 serves only lunch between 11 m and 2 pm on weekdays. If you visit before 11 am, you can get homemade pastries and coffee. Once fully open, Cafe 212 serves some of the best sandwiches in Tupelo. This is why the restaurant has largely positive reviews on various websites.

The menu is basic, but the attention to detail sets each item on the menu apart from what you’ll find elsewhere. The Colby Jack Grilled Cheese and Chicken Salad Sandwich are tasty and will make you come back for more. The restaurant offers outdoor seating and takeout.

D Casa Restaurant

D Casa is your go-to restaurant for the best Mexican and Tex-Mex dishes in Tupelo. The restaurant opens every day and serves Mexican classics like Burritos, Churrasco Chicken, Torta Mexicana, Tacos, and Fajitas. It’s not all Mexican here; they also have burgers and make one of the best seafood soups in town.
D Casa restaurant has a full bar with an extensive collection of drinks. The restaurant is good for lunch and dinner and offers takeouts and reservations.

FAQs for Tupelo, Mississippi

Q: What is the population of Tupelo, Mississippi?
A: The population of Tupelo is around 35,000 people.

Q: How far is Tupelo from Memphis?
A: Tupelo is located 149 miles west of Memphis

Q: What can I do in Tupelo?
A: There are many activities to enjoy in Tupelo, such as visiting museums, taking tours to historic sites, going shopping at local stores and markets, exploring parks and trails, or attending music events and festivals.

Q: What kind of events are held in Tupelo every year?
A: Tupelo hosts various events throughout the year, such as family-friendly festivals like the International Bluegrass Music Festival and the Downtown Crawfish Festival, as well as national acts performing at the BancorpSouth Arena.

Q: Where are the best places to eat in Tupelo?
A: Some popular restaurants near Tupelo include Fairpark Grill for some classic American fare, Depot Street Taproom for craft beer and live music, Rooster’s Blues House for Southern comfort food and barbecue, Neighbor’s Mill Bakery & Café for homemade bread and pastries, Fazoli’s Italian Eatery for Italian food with a modern twist, and Immaculate Burger Company for gourmet burgers and shakes.

Q: Is there public transportation available in Tupelo?
A: Yes, Maestro Public Transit provides transportation services around town Monday-Saturday with routes connecting the downtown area to surrounding neighborhoods, schools, businesses, and shopping centers.

Q: Are there attractions for families with kids in Tupelo?
A: Yes! Families with children will find plenty to do when visiting Tupelo, including paying a visit to Elvis Presley’s Birthplace Museum or catching a show at the Children’s Theater of Mississippi at Barnes Crossing Mall. You can also explore nearby Itawamba County River Park, which offers paddle boat rentals, or take a trip to see exotic animals at Lee County Refuge & Nature Center Zoo.

Q: What type of shopping options are available in Tupelo?
A: Shopping options in Tatepo include Barnes Crossing Mall featuring retail stores like JC Penney & Belk along with department stores like Target & Kohl’s Department Store; you can also browse through boutiques in downtown Tupelo; unique independent shops like Off Square Books; vintage finds at Sugar Magnolia Antique Market; specialty shops like Garveys Premier Cheese & Soda Fountain; or visit flea markets on Saturdays downtown & Sundays along Highway 45 Altreifurth Fleamarket & Farmers Market on Saturday mornings during warmer months along Canal Street.

Q: How much does it cost to stay overnight in a hotel in Tupelo?
A: Hotel prices vary depending on location and amenities but generally range from $50-$150/night within city limits depending on seasonality and availability; prices may be slightly higher for hotels located outside city limits but still close enough for access to all services offered within the city limits without needing an additional car rental fee..

Q: Are there any outdoor activities or sports complexes near Tupelo?
A: Yes – there are several outdoor activities and sports complexes that you can enjoy near Tavares, such as golf courses (Tupalo Country Club), tennis courts (Bel Air Racquet Club), swimming pools (Natatorium Aquatic Park), cycling/hiking trails (Randy Price Trail), bike paths (Ponder Hill Trail), baseball complex (Pee Wee Reese Stadium) open fields (Eastwood Sports Complex) plus more!

Tupelo, Mississippi, is home to many restaurants, too numerous to fill into a blog post. As you’ll have noticed from the various restaurants included in the list above, there is something for everyone. Whether you are looking for pancakes, a late-night slice of pizza, or a tasty panini, you can always find something in Tupelo.
Some of the restaurants are family-owned, maintaining a long history of culinary excellence while co-opting modern trends to better their services. There are a handful of restaurants offering live music. Whatever brings you to Tupelo, be sure to check your favorite restaurant’s opening hours to be sure they are open.

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