Can You Fly With Delta 8?

flying with delta 8

Delta 8 is a synthetic cannabinoid classified as a Schedule I substance. This means that it is illegal under federal law to possess, manufacture, distribute, or dispense Delta 8. However, there may be some states where it is legal to possess Delta 8 for specific purposes. Because the laws related to synthetic cannabinoids vary from state to state, it is important to consult with an attorney in your state to determine whether it is legal to possess Delta 8 in your jurisdiction. If you are caught possessing Delta 8 in a state where it is illegal, you could face criminal charges. Delta 8 is considered a controlled substance in some states, and possession may result in criminal charges. Even if Delta 8 is legal in your state, it may still be illegal to bring it on a plane. The Transportation Security Administration Administration (TSA) has the authority to search any bags for contraband, including illegal substances under federal law. If TSA officers find Delta 8 in your luggage, they will confiscate it, and you may face criminal charges. Therefore, it is vital to take into account the laws of both your state and the state to which you are traveling before bringing Delta 8 with you on a plane.

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