Family Fun in Parkersburg: Activities for Kids and Adults Alike

Parkersburg, WV, is a treasure trove of fun activities for families. Whether you’re into history, outdoor adventures, or indoor fun, there’s something for everyone. From exploring historic districts to enjoying family entertainment centers, Parkersburg offers a variety of experiences that kids and adults will love.

Key Takeaways

  • Julia-Ann Square Historic District is perfect for history buffs with its stunning architecture and guided tours.
  • Fort Boreman Park offers hiking, scenic views, and picnic spots for outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Kazaam’s Family Entertainment Center provides endless fun with its soft play area, arcade games, and birthday rooms.
  • Mountwood Park is ideal for boating and fishing, with plenty of nature trails to explore.
  • Parkersburg Art Center hosts art exhibits, workshops for kids, and live performances for a creative family outing.

Exploring Julia-Ann Square Historic District

Architectural Wonders

Take a walking tour of Julia-Ann Square Historic District, the state’s largest and oldest residential historic district. The area is home to a variety of architectural styles, such as Queen Anne and Colonial Revival. The towering mature trees and blooming flowers add to the charm, making it a picturesque spot to explore.

Guided Tours

You can start your self-guided walking tour at 904 Juliana St. Here, you’ll find a white box with brochures featuring 49 houses, detailing when they were built and the families that lived in them. For a more interactive experience, check out the virtual walking tour created by a local on YouTube.

Family-Friendly Activities

Julia-Ann Square isn’t just for history buffs. Families can enjoy leisurely strolls, admire the beautiful gardens, and even chat with friendly locals. The neighborhood is perfect for a relaxing day out with kids, offering a glimpse into what Parkersburg used to look like in the late 1800s.

Outdoor Adventures at Fort Boreman Park

Fort Boreman Park is a fantastic spot for families looking to enjoy the great outdoors. Located on top of a hill, this park offers a variety of activities that cater to both kids and adults. From hiking trails to scenic views, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Fun and Games at Kazaam’s Family Entertainment Center

Soft Play Center

Kazaam’s Family Entertainment Center boasts a giant soft play center filled with tubes and slides. It’s perfect for kids to burn off energy while parents relax. There’s also a special toddler play area to keep the little ones entertained safely.

Arcade Games

The state-of-the-art arcade at Kazaam’s offers a variety of games that appeal to both kids and adults. Win tickets and redeem them for great prizes at the redemption center. The arcade is a fun way to challenge friends and family.

Birthday Party Rooms

Planning a birthday party? Kazaam’s has four spacious birthday rooms available for rent. They offer private party rentals and group rates, making it an ideal spot for celebrations. Enjoy a hassle-free party with plenty of activities to keep everyone entertained.

Located across the street from Red Lobster, Kazaam’s Family Entertainment Center is open Sunday to Thursday from 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM, and Friday to Saturday from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Admission is always free, making it a budget-friendly option for family fun.

Boating and Fishing at Mountwood Park

Boat Rentals

Mountwood Park offers a variety of boat rentals, making it easy for families to enjoy a day on the water. Whether you prefer paddle boats, canoes, or kayaks, there’s something for everyone. Renting a boat is a great way to explore the park’s beautiful lake and create lasting memories with your loved ones.

Fishing Spots

For those who love fishing, Mountwood Park is a paradise. The park features several well-stocked fishing spots where you can catch a variety of fish. Bring your fishing gear and spend a relaxing day by the water. Fishing at Mountwood Park is not only a fun activity but also a great way to teach kids about nature and patience.

Nature Trails

After a day on the water, take some time to explore the park’s nature trails. These trails offer a peaceful escape into the woods, where you can enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. The trails are well-marked and suitable for all ages, making them perfect for a family hike. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture the stunning scenery along the way.

Mountwood Park is a fantastic destination for families looking to enjoy the great outdoors. With boating, fishing, and nature trails, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

A Day at Parkersburg Art Center

Parkersburg Art Center family activities

Art Exhibits

The Parkersburg Art Center, located at 725 Market St, is one of the oldest art galleries in West Virginia. With six different gallery areas, there’s always something new to see. When we visited, they were changing out the art on the walls but still let us look around. We viewed two floors of art, and I also learned that the third floor is used for events such as wedding receptions!

Workshops for Kids

The art center offers a variety of classes and workshops for kids. From painting to sculpture, there’s something for every young artist. PAC Current Members receive a 20% discount on most classes (some exclusions apply). Call or email for details.

Live Performances

In addition to visual art, the Parkersburg Art Center also hosts live performances. Whether it’s a local band or a theater production, there’s always something happening. Check their website for the latest schedule of events.

The Parkersburg Art Center is a colorful and cheerful place, perfect for a family day out. Don’t forget to stop by the market full of local art to buy and the gift shop for unique souvenirs.

Bowling Fun at Emerson Lanes

family bowling at Emerson Lanes

Emerson Lanes is the perfect spot for a fun family outing or a friendly game with friends. This popular bowling alley in Parkersburg offers a lively atmosphere where everyone can enjoy themselves. Challenge your family to a game or team up for some exciting competition. While you bowl, you can also enjoy a variety of snacks and drinks to keep your energy up.

Family Bowling Nights

Emerson Lanes hosts special family bowling nights that are perfect for all ages. These events often feature discounted rates and fun themes, making it a great way to spend an evening together. Whether you’re a seasoned bowler or just starting out, you’ll have a blast.

Snack Bar

The snack bar at Emerson Lanes offers a wide range of tasty treats to enjoy between games. From classic bowling alley fare like nachos and hot dogs to more substantial options, there’s something for everyone. Grab a bite and a drink to keep the fun going all night long.

League Play

For those who take their bowling a bit more seriously, Emerson Lanes offers league play. Joining a league is a great way to improve your skills and meet new people. With leagues for all skill levels, everyone can find a group that fits their style. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to stay active and engaged in the community.

Relaxing at Riverside Oasis Day Spa

Couples Massage

Indulge in some much-needed relaxation and pampering with a couples massage at Riverside Oasis Day Spa. Treat yourselves to a calming massage session that will melt away stress and leave you feeling rejuvenated. Enjoy a peaceful and serene atmosphere as you unwind together.

Spa Treatments

Riverside Oasis Day Spa offers a variety of spa treatments designed to help you relax and feel your best. From facials to body wraps, there’s something for everyone. Each treatment is tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring a personalized experience.

Serene Atmosphere

The serene atmosphere at Riverside Oasis Day Spa is perfect for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The tranquil setting allows you to fully relax and enjoy your time at the spa. Whether you’re there for a quick treatment or a full day of pampering, you’ll leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Movie Night at Parkersburg Cinemas

family at movie theater

Latest Releases

Catch the latest blockbuster film at Parkersburg Cinemas for a classic date night experience. Snuggle up with your loved one in the cozy theater seats and enjoy some popcorn and candy while watching a movie together. Make it extra special by choosing a romantic comedy or a film that holds special meaning to both of you.

Family-Friendly Films

Parkersburg Cinemas offers a variety of family-friendly films that everyone can enjoy. From animated adventures to heartwarming stories, there’s something for kids and adults alike. Don’t miss out on the fun and make it a family movie night to remember.

Concession Stand

No movie night is complete without snacks! The concession stand at Parkersburg Cinemas has all your favorites, from buttery popcorn to sweet candy. Grab a soda and some treats to make your movie experience even better.

Exploring Hidden Gems in Parkersburg

Historical Sites

Parkersburg is rich in history, and there are many hidden gems to discover. One of the best free things to do in Parkersburg is to visit the Julia-Ann Square Historic District. The architecture here is simply stunning, and it’s a great place to take a leisurely stroll.

Unique Attractions

For a unique experience, check out the Mulberry Lane Country Store. This charming store offers a variety of local goods and is a favorite among both locals and visitors. Another must-see is the Unity Cafe, where you can enjoy a cozy atmosphere and delicious food.

Scenic Drives

Take a scenic drive through the winding country roads of West Virginia. The beautiful scenery will make your heart happy and is a perfect way to explore the area. Don’t forget to stop by Fort Boreman Park for some breathtaking views and a bit of history.

Exploring Parkersburg’s hidden gems is a delightful adventure for the whole family. From historical sites to unique attractions, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Live Entertainment at Actors Guild of Parkersburg

Theater Performances

The Actors Guild of Parkersburg offers a variety of theater performances that cater to all ages. From classic plays to modern productions, there’s always something exciting on stage. The talented local actors bring each story to life, making it a memorable experience for the whole family.

Seasonal Shows

Throughout the year, the guild presents seasonal shows that align with holidays and special occasions. Whether it’s a spooky Halloween play or a heartwarming Christmas production, these shows add a festive touch to your celebrations. Be sure to check their schedule so you don’t miss out on these special events.

Family-Friendly Productions

The guild is committed to providing entertainment that the entire family can enjoy. Their family-friendly productions are perfect for introducing kids to the world of theater. With engaging stories and lively performances, these shows are a hit with both children and adults alike.

Visiting the Actors Guild of Parkersburg is a fantastic way to enjoy live entertainment while supporting local talent. Don’t forget to grab your tickets in advance, as shows often sell out quickly!

Date Night Ideas for Parents

Romantic Dinners

For a special evening, consider dining at one of Parkersburg’s charming restaurants. Da Vinci’s Italian Restaurant offers a cozy atmosphere and delicious meals that are perfect for a romantic night out. Enjoying a meal together can be a wonderful way to reconnect and share some quality time.

Outdoor Adventures

If you and your partner love the outdoors, why not explore the scenic beauty of Parkersburg? Take a stroll through Point Park or plan a sunset picnic at Blennerhassett Island Historical State Park. These outdoor spots provide a peaceful setting to enjoy each other’s company and the natural surroundings.

Hiring a Sitter

Sometimes, the best way to enjoy a date night is to have some time alone. Hiring a reliable sitter can give you peace of mind while you enjoy your evening. Services like Wyndy make it easy to find trustworthy childcare, so you can relax and focus on each other.

Taking time for yourselves is important. Whether it’s a fancy dinner or a simple walk in the park, make sure to enjoy each moment together.


Parkersburg, WV, is a treasure trove of fun activities for both kids and adults. Whether you’re exploring the great outdoors, enjoying a family-friendly entertainment center, or discovering hidden gems, there’s something for everyone. Parents can even find time for themselves with plenty of date night options available. So, pack your bags and head to Parkersburg for a memorable adventure that the whole family will love!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find a reliable babysitter in Parkersburg, WV?

You can use services like Wyndy to find a trustworthy babysitter. Always check reviews and ask for references.

What are the operating hours of Kazaam’s Family Entertainment Center?

Kazaam’s is open Sunday to Thursday from 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM, and Friday & Saturday from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

Are there any good hiking spots in Parkersburg?

Yes, Fort Boreman Park has great hiking trails with beautiful views.

Where can I go boating and fishing in Parkersburg?

Mountwood Park offers boat rentals and good fishing spots.

What can kids do at the Parkersburg Art Center?

Kids can enjoy art exhibits, join workshops, and watch live performances at the Parkersburg Art Center.

Is there a place for family bowling in Parkersburg?

Yes, Emerson Lanes is a popular spot for family bowling nights.

What are some good date night ideas in Parkersburg?

Couples can enjoy romantic dinners, outdoor adventures, or even hire a sitter for a relaxing night out.

Where can I watch a movie in Parkersburg?

Parkersburg Cinemas is the place to go for the latest releases and family-friendly films.

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