Montgomery’s Annual Events and Festivals Guide

Montgomery annual festival crowd celebration

Montgomery, a vibrant city known for its rich cultural heritage and lively community, hosts a plethora of annual events that cater to a wide range of interests. From music and food festivals to book fairs and sports events, Montgomery offers a year-round calendar of activities that promise unforgettable experiences. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, these events provide a perfect opportunity to engage with the community, enjoy unique performances, and savor local flavors.

Key Takeaways

  • Montgomery hosts a diverse array of annual events catering to various interests including sports, food, and culture.
  • The city’s events calendar is packed year-round, offering activities for both locals and visitors.
  • These events serve as a platform for community engagement and cultural exchange.
  • Visitors can expect a blend of unique performances, local cuisine, and vibrant displays at these festivals.
  • Attending these events is a perfect way to create memorable experiences and enjoy what Montgomery has to offer.

Red Bluff Music, Arts & Food Festival

Montgomery festival crowd enjoying music and arts

Event Overview

The Red Bluff Music, Arts & Food Festival is a vibrant celebration held annually at Riverfront Park in Montgomery, Alabama. This event brings together a diverse mix of music, art, and culinary delights, making it a must-visit for locals and tourists alike. Mark your calendars for a weekend full of excitement and culture!

What to Expect

Attendees can look forward to a lineup of live music performances across three stages, featuring both local and national acts. Art enthusiasts will enjoy browsing through numerous booths showcasing the works of talented local artists. Food lovers are in for a treat with an array of food vendors offering everything from traditional Southern fare to international cuisine. Don’t miss the Red Bluff Bar at the Silos for a unique drinking experience.

Visitor Information

The festival spans three days, with free entry on Friday and Sunday. Saturday’s events require a ticket, which costs $40 in advance and $50 at the gate. The festival is located at Riverfront Park, Commerce Street, and is easily accessible for all visitors. For those planning to attend, it’s advisable to purchase tickets early as sales end soon.

Farmers Market at The Shoppes at EastChase

farmers market festival Montgomery Alabama

Market Highlights

The Farmers Market at The Shoppes at EastChase is a vibrant hub for fresh produce, local artisans, and lively community gatherings. Discover a variety of stalls featuring everything from organic vegetables to handmade crafts, making it a perfect destination for those who cherish local flavors and unique finds.

Seasonal Offerings

As the seasons change, so do the offerings at the market. From juicy summer peaches to autumn pumpkins, each visit promises new delights. Here’s a quick look at what to expect:

  • Spring: Fresh flowers, strawberries
  • Summer: Tomatoes, green beans
  • Fall: Apples, decorative gourds
  • Winter: Holiday wreaths, indoor plants

Tips for Visitors

To make the most of your visit to the Farmers Market at The Shoppes at EastChase, consider these tips:

  1. Arrive early for the best selection.
  2. Bring reusable bags for your purchases.
  3. Check the event calendar for special activities and live music.

Embrace the community spirit and enjoy the festive atmosphere while you shop and explore.

Annual Riverbend Brewfest

Brews and Bands

The Riverbend Brewfest is not just about sampling a variety of beers; it’s a full-blown celebration with live music setting the stage. Expect performances that perfectly complement the eclectic beer selections, creating a vibrant atmosphere for all attendees.

Sampling Sessions

Explore the rich tapestry of flavors at the Brewfest, where you can sample everything from seasonal specialties to craft brews. Tickets for sampling are available on site, and all proceeds benefit the Family Sunshine Center.

Event Schedule

The Brewfest kicks off on a Friday and spans the entire weekend, offering different experiences each day. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Friday: Free admission with food vendors and a concert.
  • Saturday: Ticketed event with multiple stages and acts.
  • Sunday: Free admission, centered around the Red Bluff Bar at the Silos.

Remember, this event is for those 21 and up, ensuring a mature and enjoyable experience for all beer lovers.

Sun Belt Conference Baseball Championship

Montgomery Alabama festival baseball crowd

Championship Details

The Sun Belt Conference Baseball Championship is a highlight of the college baseball season, featuring top teams from the Sun Belt Conference battling it out for the title. The tournament is held annually at the Montgomery Riverwalk Stadium, offering fans a chance to see future MLB stars in action.

Teams to Watch

Keep an eye on teams like Coastal Carolina and Louisiana-Lafayette, known for their strong baseball programs and competitive spirit. These teams have historically performed well in the tournament, making them fan favorites and tough competitors.

Getting Tickets

Tickets for the championship are available online and at the stadium box office. Prices vary depending on the game and seating choice, but early bird specials and group rates can make attendance more affordable. Plan ahead to ensure you get the best seats and experience the excitement of college baseball at its finest.

15th Annual Gaithersburg Book Festival

Montgomery annual festival with books and cultural activities

Author Lineup

The festival boasts an impressive lineup of award-winning and best-selling authors, poets, and songwriters from across the country. This is a unique opportunity to meet your favorite literary figures and discover new ones.

Workshops and Panels

Engage in enriching workshops and panels that delve into the craft of writing and the nuances of the literary world. Whether you’re an aspiring writer or a seasoned reader, there’s something for everyone.

For Book Lovers

This is a haven for book lovers! Enjoy a day filled with literary discussions, book signings, and the chance to connect with fellow bibliophiles in the picturesque Bohrer Park.

Flimp Festival

Montgomery Flimp Festival annual event

Art Installations

The Flimp Festival is renowned for its spectacular art installations that transform the venue into a visual paradise. Expect to see a range of mediums from sculptures to interactive installations, each telling a unique story or exploring innovative concepts.


Engage in a variety of workshops where you can learn new skills or hone existing ones. From pottery to painting, these sessions are led by experienced artists and are suitable for all ages. Participation in these workshops can spark a new passion or enhance your artistic flair.

Family Activities

The festival is a perfect family outing with activities designed to entertain and educate. Enjoy performances, craft sessions, and more, ensuring that there’s something for everyone to enjoy at the Flimp Festival.

Juneteenth Celebration

Juneteenth celebration in Montgomery, diverse crowd, festive decorations

History and Significance

Juneteenth marks a pivotal moment in American history, commemorating the end of slavery in the United States. This day celebrates the announcement of the abolition of slavery in Texas on June 19, 1865, which symbolized freedom for all enslaved people in the Confederacy. It’s a time for reflection on our nation’s past and a celebration of the progress made towards equality.

Cultural Performances

Experience a vibrant showcase of African-American culture through music, dance, and art. Performances often include gospel choirs, traditional African dances, and contemporary music, all highlighting the rich cultural heritage that Juneteenth honors. These events not only entertain but also educate attendees about the significance of this day.

Community Engagement

Juneteenth is more than a festival; it’s an opportunity for community engagement and unity. Local organizations often host educational workshops, voter registration drives, and discussions on social justice issues, making it a powerful platform for advocacy and change. Engaging with these activities can deepen understanding and commitment to the principles Juneteenth stands for.

Montgomery Half Marathon

Montgomery cityscape with runners in marathon event

Race Information

The Montgomery Half Marathon is a highlight of the city’s annual sporting events, attracting runners from all over the region. The race starts in the historic downtown area, winding through scenic routes that showcase the city’s beauty. Participants can expect a well-organized event, complete with hydration stations and cheering zones.

Training Tips

Proper preparation is key to enjoying and succeeding in the half marathon. Beginners should start training at least 12 weeks in advance, focusing on gradually increasing their mileage. Seasoned runners might focus on improving their time by incorporating interval training and tempo runs. Remember, rest days are just as important as training days!

Registration Details

Registration for the Montgomery Half Marathon opens early in the year and often fills up quickly due to its popularity. It’s advisable to register early to secure a spot. The registration fee includes a race packet, official t-shirt, and a finisher’s medal. Group discounts are available, making it a perfect event for clubs and corporate teams.

Seafood & Arts Festival

Montgomery Seafood & Arts Festival crowd

Culinary Delights

The Seafood & Arts Festival is a haven for food lovers, offering an array of fresh seafood dishes that showcase the rich culinary traditions of Montgomery. From succulent shrimp to flavorful fish, the festival serves up a feast for the senses. Don’t miss the signature crab cakes, a favorite among attendees.

Artist Showcase

Local and regional artists gather at this vibrant festival to display their unique creations. Whether you’re interested in paintings, sculptures, or handmade jewelry, you’ll find an eclectic mix of art to admire and purchase. The artist showcase is a perfect opportunity to support local talent and take home a piece of Montgomery’s artistic spirit.

Event Highlights

Set against the picturesque backdrop of Blount Cultural Park, the Seafood & Arts Festival offers more than just food and art. Engage in interactive workshops, enjoy live music performances, and partake in family-friendly activities. The festival’s relaxed atmosphere makes it an ideal outing for both locals and visitors looking to experience the cultural richness of Montgomery.

Montgomery Jubilee Runs

Montgomery annual festival with people running

Race Categories

Montgomery Jubilee Runs offer a variety of race categories to accommodate all ages and fitness levels. Participants can choose from a 5K, 10K, half-marathon, and a fun run for kids. Each category is designed to provide a challenging yet enjoyable experience for runners.

Health and Safety

The health and safety of all participants is a top priority. The event features well-staffed aid stations, clear signage, and medical support throughout the course. Participants are encouraged to stay hydrated and follow all safety guidelines provided by the event organizers.

Participant Perks

Runners in the Montgomery Jubilee Runs enjoy numerous perks, including a race t-shirt, finisher medals, and post-race refreshments. Special awards are given to top finishers in each category. Additionally, all participants gain the satisfaction of completing one of Montgomery’s most anticipated annual running events.

Holiday Events & Festivals in Montgomery County

Montgomery County annual holiday festivals and events

Montgomery County truly shines during the holiday season, offering a variety of festive events that capture the spirit of the season. From the enchanting Christmas Magic to the vibrant New Year’s Eve Countdown, there’s something to make every moment memorable.

Christmas Magic

Experience the joy and wonder of the holiday season with Christmas Magic in Montgomery County. The area is transformed with twinkling lights and festive decorations, creating a magical atmosphere for all who visit.

New Year’s Eve Countdown

Ring in the New Year with excitement and style! The New Year’s Eve Countdown is a highlight, featuring live music, fireworks, and a festive atmosphere that brings the community and visitors together.

Festival of Lights

The Festival of Lights is not just about the brilliant displays but also about the warmth and community spirit it fosters. This event is a perfect family outing, with activities and sights that delight both young and old.

Autumn Festival Time

Autumn festival in Montgomery with colorful leaves and festive decorations

Fall Activities

Fall in Montgomery is a spectacle of vibrant colors and crisp air, signaling the perfect time for the Autumn Festival. Visitors can enjoy hayrides, corn mazes, and pumpkin picking, which are quintessential fall activities. Don’t miss the Butlers Orchard Blossom Festival, a highlight of the season.

Local Produce

The festival is a great opportunity to indulge in the season’s bounty. Stalls brim with fresh apples, squashes, and homemade jams. It’s the ideal place to sample and purchase local produce, ensuring you take a piece of Montgomery’s autumn back home.

Crafts and Antiques

Explore a variety of crafts and antiques at the festival. From handmade jewelry to vintage furniture, each item tells a story of craftsmanship and history. This section is a treasure trove for collectors and art enthusiasts alike.

Wrapping Up Montgomery’s Annual Events

As we conclude our guide to Montgomery’s annual events and festivals, we hope you feel inspired to dive into the vibrant cultural tapestry that Montgomery offers. From the lively arts and music scenes to the unique food and sports events, there’s something for everyone to enjoy throughout the year. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, these events provide perfect opportunities to create unforgettable memories. So, mark your calendars, invite your friends, and prepare to experience the best of Montgomery’s community spirit and festivities!

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of events can I expect at Montgomery’s annual festivals?

Montgomery’s annual calendar is filled with a diverse lineup including sports events, food festivals, film, culture, and arts festivals that cater to various interests and tastes.

How can I stay updated on Montgomery’s latest events and deals?

You can stay updated by visiting the Montgomery events official website, subscribing to newsletters, or following their social media channels for the latest news and deals.

Are there any free events in Montgomery County?

Yes, Montgomery County offers several free events, especially during the spring season. These include farmers’ markets, music festivals, and cultural exhibitions.

What is special about the holiday events in Montgomery County?

Montgomery County’s holiday events are known for their festive decorations, twinkling lights, and a variety of holiday-specific festivals and activities that offer something special for everyone.

Where can I find information about the Gaithersburg Book Festival?

Information about the Gaithersburg Book Festival can be found on the official Montgomery County events website or by checking their scheduled events calendar for specific dates and activities.

What can visitors expect at the Red Bluff Music, Arts & Food Festival?

Visitors can enjoy a vibrant mix of music performances, artistic displays, and a wide array of food options that showcase local talents and culinary skills.

Are there any specific tips for visitors attending the Farmers Market at The Shoppes at EastChase?

Visitors are advised to arrive early to enjoy the best selection of goods, check the seasonal offerings, and possibly plan their visit during special event days for additional activities.

How can I participate in the Montgomery Half Marathon?

To participate in the Montgomery Half Marathon, you can register on the official event website, where you will find details on registration deadlines, race information, and training tips.

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