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The islands of the Bahamas are a tropical paradise with clear waters and white sand beaches. Many people choose to dive or snorkel in these waters during their stay in Bimini, which is one of the top things to do in Bimini. But if you don’t have a diving license, there are still many ways for you to enjoy the beautiful waters of Bimini Island. Here are some ideas for top things to do in Bimini that will still allow you to see the tropical paradise without getting your feet wet.

1) Visit Fort Bimini

It is not every day that you get the chance to visit a fort that was built by slaves from Africa. The island of Bimini has many buildings that were built by the slaves who worked at Hog Cay, one of the islands just offshore from Bimini. Fort Bimini was originally named Fort Cromwell but since it is located on North Bimini, not Central or South Bimini, it has been referred to as Fort Bimini since the 1800s. The fort was originally built in 1648 and it has been reconstructed several times since then, but you can still tour it today and learn about its interesting history.

2) Eat At Kingfish

Kingfish is a restaurant that is located on the water right next to Alice Town (population: 140).  Their food is tasty and fresh, which is something that you can’t really say about most restaurants in the Bahamas. They are popular for their seafood dishes, but they also have excellent hamburgers if you are looking for a non-seafood option. Be sure to check out their specials of the day too!

3) Snorkel Off Alice Town

You can rent a water bike to take you out into the clear blue waters to snorkel. You can see beautiful fish and sea turtles almost immediately when you get in the water, but if you want to see larger creatures such as nurse sharks or barracuda, you will have to swim a few hundred feet away from the shore. The best time to snorkel is early in the morning or right before it gets dark, which provides great light for photos of marine life if you bring your camera along.

4) Have A Beer at Bimini Big Game Club Resort & Marina

Bimini is known for fishing, especially big game fishing, and it is also known for the Big Game Club (a favorite of Hemingway’s). The Big Game Resort & Marina is one of the most well-known resorts in Bimini, and you can enjoy a drink right on their beach after a long day.  They also have excellent food if you stop in for lunch or dinner.

5) Visit Alice Town  

Alice town is cute and small, but it is worth a trip if you want to see the Caribbean. It has many wooden houses with colorfully painted walls and even though there don’t seem to be too many tourists stopping by, there are still people selling souvenirs and other trinkets on the beachfront. You can take a picture with the Alice Town sign, and you might even run into some of the locals getting their hair done (Alice Town caters to many Dominican Republic tourists).

6) Visit The Bimini Museum

Many people consider this as one of the top things to do in Bimini. The museum is located right on the water in Alice Town and they have a large collection of local artifacts, including a few items that date back to when the sea level was lower during the ice age.  They also have interesting paintings of marine life in the area. It is definitely worth a visit if you can find it open (Tuesday-Friday from 9am-4pm).

7) Swim With The Pigs

Yes, it is one of the top things to do in Bimini. There are wild pigs that run around on North Bimini and they will approach you for food if you have any on your boat or on the beach. They are surprisingly nice animals once you get used to them, but they are still pigs.  It’s best to feed them alone rather than with a group of people because it will just encourage their bad habits.

8) Swim With The Nurse Sharks

Nurse sharks are large bottom-dwelling creatures that you can find off the coast of Bimini, especially near Alice Town. They are docile creatures and you can even swim with them, but try to avoid any splashing near them as it will scare them away.  They are pretty laid back and there is a certain thrill that comes from swimming right next to a shark–especially one that is twenty feet long!

9) Explore The Uninhabited Islands

Many of the islands around Bimini are uninhabited, and some of them have interesting wildlife habitats that you can enjoy looking at. They have a lot of parrots and iguanas on North-Northwest island, which is a small uninhabited island right off North Bimini. There aren’t any beaches to put your boat in, but you can get within a few hundred meters of the island and enjoy the flora and fauna.

10) Take A Picnic To Alice Town Beach  

If you don’t want to go far, you can take a picnic to Alice Town Beach (or actually any of the beaches on North Bimini). Most of the beaches around Bimini (and particularly in Alice Town) are public, and many of them such as the Alice Town beach have excellent amenities.

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