12 Fun Things To Do In Cherry Grove Beach SC

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Cherry Grove Beach SC is located 3 miles from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and 6 miles from Barefoot Landing. Cherry Grove Beach is considered North Myrtle Beach. Still, with its low-key feel, it attracts lots of visitors looking to get away from the often-overcrowded part of Myrtle Beach. When looking for things to do in Cherry Grove, there are lots of options. Here is a list of things to do in Cherry Grove, South Carolina.

Cherry Grove Beach

You cannot come to Cherry Grove Beach and not actually go to the beach. With over a dozen restaurants, all within a quarter-mile from each other, Cherry Grove makes for a good time. There is a very laid-back lifestyle, and it is evident that both the locals and tourists have fully embraced those vibes. Whether looking to fish, boat, shop or just come and lay out and get some Vitamin Sea, Cherry Groove is the perfect beach to escape and wash all your worries away. It is no wonder they received the Travelers Choice award for 2020. Be sure to explore Cherry Grove Beach.


J&L Kayaks Tour & Rentals

j and l kayaking
photo credit: jandlkayaking.com

If looking to be active and explore Cherry Grove via a Kayak, stop by and visit J&L Kayaks. They have been ranked number one multiple times over the years for the best Myrtle Beach Kayak tour. They cater to both the beginner kayaker as well as the more experienced kayaker. J&L is veteran-owned and operated and has prided itself as a staple in the watersport community and a go-to for all kayak lovers looking for a good time. They also offer small tours as well as group tours. If you plan to move to the area, they also provide training to teach you to become a kayak tour guide yourself. Very cool!


Carolina Backwoods ATV Tours

If you are looking to have some fun and get dirty, then Carolina Backwoods is perfect. Their slogan, “Experience the Down and Dirty,” is very accurate. Rated number one ATV tour in Myrtle Beach for last six years, there is no wonder that tourists and locals love coming to Carolina Backwoods year after year. They offer small tours as well as larger group tours that each last for 90 minutes. They have some of the most knowledgeable and experienced ATV tour guides. They are happy to give pointers and advice for the beginner and experienced ATV rider. Get off the beaten path and come and explore the trails, hills, and open riding with Carolina Backwoods ATV Tours. Be sure to bring some extra clothes and shoes. You are sure to get muddy!


Aloha Watersports

aloha watersports
photo credit: facebook.com/love2livealoha

For an absolute blast and water fun, check out Aloha Watersports. They have parasailing, banana boat tours, jet skis, pontoon boat rentals, and dolphin tours. Basically, anything that you think you might want to do that involves water, you can do it at Aloha Watersports. They have their activities split between their two locations, so you may have to go to a different site depending on what you want to do. However, both locations are close to each other and are located on North Myrtle Beach (one is on North Ocean Blvd, and the other is on Little Neck River Rd). Another great thing about Aloha Watersports is that they offer package deals. So, if you decide you want to do jet skis and parasail, they offer you a significant discount. The more fun you have, the more money you save. That’s a pretty sweet deal, I’d say.


Blackbeard’s Pirate Cruise

Who doesn’t love pirates, right? Blackbeard’s Pirate Cruise is an absolute fun time for kids and adults. For an hour, you get immersed in some real-life pirate action. As soon as you arrive, you and/or your kids get decked out in all the official pirate attire, including tattoos if you’d like. Blackbeard’s Pirate Cruise has the largest pirate ship in the Carolinas and is very popular for tourists and locals who love pirates. They give some brief history on pirates that have come through the Carolinas, and they make things fun in the process. They are open rain or shine and can facilitate group tours, birthday parties, and even church functions. If you really want to take things to another level, they also offer private charters. For a great pirate of a time, make sure to check out Blackbeard’s Pirate Cruise; it is so much fun. 


Trunk Player Surf and Skate Shop

If you are a surfer or skater or simply like rocking surfer and skater clothes, then trunk player is the place for you. They have a vast selection of surfboards, skateboards, paddleboards, and bodyboards. This shop is a favorite for locals, and once tourists visit, they often become big fans. What makes this place cool is that it’s not like your typical surf or skate shop. There is a genuine small-town feel about it and tons of boards adorned by local artists’ work. If you want to know the best places to skateboard or the best times to catch a wave, these guys have the inside scoop and are happy to share their info with you. If you don’t want to actually go in the store, they also offer free delivery when you order at least $50 worth of gear, which is pretty sweet. Definitely check these guys out when in Cherry Grove, even if you don’t plan on buying anything.


Black Pearl Mini Golf

For a little mini golf with a pirate flair, check out Black Pearl Mini Golf. Black pearl is a family-owned, 18-hole pirate-themed golf course. They also have an arcade, ice-cream parlor, and candy shop. If you get tired, then there are lots of picnic table seating outside to use. Black Pearl offers excellent prices for all the amenities you can take advantage of. Black Pearl is a perfect option for couples or families or even if you’re going by yourself. Black Pearl Mini Golf is an all-around good time. Be sure to check out their Facebook page, where they often give out discount coupons.


Salty Frye’s Golf Carts

salty fryes golf carts
photo credit: saltyfryesgolfcarts.com

This could have been at the beginning of the list before mentioning going to any beaches, but Salty Frye’s Golf Carts is your one-stop shop for affordable transportation to get around the beach and even to the local shops. Instead of worrying about getting sand in your car or trying to find parking that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, you can simply rent one of their golf carts and call it good. Reserving a golf cart on their site is really simple, and once you’re done with the golf cart, you can bring it back. They will do all the clean-up for you at no extra charge. It doesn’t get much better than that!


Alligator Adventure

This might be my favorite thing to do/see on this list. On their website, Alligator Adventure says they are the “reptile capital of the world.” After going here, I am inclined to believe that. This place isn’t like your typical zoo, and they have a lot more things to see than just alligators, as their name implies. Along with alligators, they also have ostriches, crocodiles, bobcats, mountain lions, macaws, hyenas, snakes, tortoises, and all sorts of birds. They also have these fantastic live shows where you get to experience alligator feeding, alligator handling as well as snake handling. If you are looking for something to do that’s fun and educational, then this is it. If you have kids, then they will definitely love this place. Be sure to call and check their hours before going as their hours change depending on the time of year you go. They are typically open and doing live shows from April through October.


Myrtle Beach Dolphin Cruises

Who doesn’t love dolphins, right? Maybe you have only seen them on television or in an aquarium but have never seen them in their natural habitat. You will definitively want to check out this tour. They start doing dolphin tours typically from April through October and do one to two hours a day. I will warn you these tours fill up relatively fast, so once you know what day you want to go, head over to their site, register, and secure your spot. The tours last 90 minutes to 120 minutes, and the entire tour is narrated by dolphin experts that work there. Their rates as of this post are $28 for adults and teens, $18 for kids age 3-12, and $23 for senior citizens. If you book on their site, they also offer a discount, so booking in advance is ideal. They also make a guarantee that if during your tour you don’t see dolphins, they will give you a free pass to come back to make sure you get to see some. This is an absolute fun time for kids and adults. Be sure to wear clothes you don’t mind getting wet or bring a change of clothes.


Captain Smiley Fishing Charters

This tour is technically in Little River, SC, but it is only 2.5 miles from the Cherry Grove Beach Pier. It is such an incredible experience I had to include it on this list. If you love fishing but aren’t sure where the best spots are, or you want to not have to worry about bringing your own bait, tackle, rods, and reels, etc., then this is the place to check out. You literally just show up, and they handle everything for you. Depending on the day and what fish are biting, you could get everything from Red Fish, Trout, Bonnethead, and Mackerel. If you are more of a spectator and would rather sit back and enjoy everything but not necessarily participate, they also offer sightseeing tours. If you want to charter a boat for a half-day, they have that option, or if you prefer to charter one for the whole day, these guys can do that as well. If you have kids that want to get educated on fishing and have a fun time doing it, they also offer kids fishing camps. The prices for charter fishing will vary depending on the time of day and how many people will be fishing. The fees range from $450 for a half a day up to $650 for a full day with three people. Depending on your budget, this could be a great option to fish and almost guarantee you will catch some nice beautiful fish. You literally just show up and bring sunscreen, shades, and a raincoat, and they take care of the rest.


La Belle Amie Vineyard

La Belle Amie Vineyard is a wine lover’s dream. They are a local family-owned business and have been going strong for over 20 years. Vicki, the owner, is amazing and is very passionate about her winemaking. Her family comes from France, and they know what they are doing when making wine. They have a vast array of wines for you to choose from, and you can even order flights if you’d like to get a sample of several wines. They serve up delicious food and have live music from some of the local musicians in the area. Depending on when you are reading this post, La Belle’s may still have limited hours due to Covid. But check their website as they do an excellent job of keeping their customers updated. So if you are in the mood for wine tasting in a great, laid-back environment, then definitely go and check out the La Belle Amie Vineyard.



Q: What is the average water temperature in Cherry Grove Beach in October?

A: The average water temperature in Cherry Grove Beach in October is 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Q: Is it safe to swim in Cherry Grove Beach in October?

A: Yes, it is safe to swim in Cherry Grove Beach in October. However, please be aware of the potential for rip currents and undertow. Always swim with a friend and never swim alone.

Q: What is the average air temperature in Cherry Grove Beach in October?

A: The average air temperature in Cherry Grove Beach in October is 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

Q: What is the average rainfall in Cherry Grove Beach in October?

A: The average rainfall in Cherry Grove Beach in October is 5.32 inches. October is typically one of the drier months of the year in Cherry Grove Beach. However, rainfall can vary greatly from year to year.

Q: What is the average humidity in Cherry Grove Beach in October?

A: The average humidity in Cherry Grove Beach in October is 76%. Humidity levels tend to be highest in the morning and evening hours and lowest in the afternoon.

Q: What is the average wind speed in Cherry Grove Beach in October?

A: The average wind speed in Cherry Grove Beach in October is 10 mph. Wind speeds tend to be highest during the day and lowest at night.

Cherry Grove Beach SC is an ideal destination for an unforgettable getaway. From its beautiful beaches to its variety of attractions, there’s something for everyone in this scenic locale. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing escape or a fun-filled adventure, Cherry Grove Beach SC has it all. Come explore the beauty and charm of Cherry Grove Beach SC and create lasting memories with your loved ones.

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