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Greenwood SC, located about 40 miles from Anderson, SC, is known for being a friendly, quaint town close to many amenities. Greenwood is home to Lander University, South Carolina’s smallest publicly funded institution to earn a bachelor’s degree. When looking for things to do in Greenwood, there are lots of options. Here is a list of things to do in Greenwood, South Carolina.

Jon Holloway’s Sundance Gallery

If looking to experience art or needing the perfect venue for a wedding, then visiting the Sundance Gallery will be a great option. The gallery is absolutely breathtaking, with Jon’s work from over 20 years on the walls. This place is definitely worth your time.



Emerald Farms

Emerald Farms is a locally owned farm that gives its visitors the opportunity to pet and feed various animals such as goats, peacocks, and ducks. When you’re done enjoying the animals, take a stroll through their shop, where you can purchase goat’s milk, goat cheese, and goat soap. This a perfect option that both grown-ups and kids will love.


Greenwood Railroad Museum

greenwood railroad museum

If you love trains, or your little ones love trains, then take a visit to the Greenwood Railroad Museum. They have over 50 years of South Carolina railroad history preserved, and it is a wonderful sight to see. This is definitely worth your time. They offer group and private tours, but I would call before you arrive to confirm things since they may still have Covid related restrictions in place.


The Greenwood Museum

If you are a history buff, then going to the Greenwood Museum will be a treat. It was opened in 1967 and since then has made several expansions and upgrades to house its art and history collection. The Greenwood Museum isn’t the biggest, but it does offer an excellent selection of local history to enjoy and explore. They also offer private tours if a more intimate experience is what you are after.


The South Carolina Festival of Flowers

sc festival of flowers

The SC festival of flowers is a yearly event that is in its 54th year. This event happens typically in late Spring early Summer and is a really fantastic time. Events for the weekend include 5k walk/run events, local tours, live music, games for kids, live music, and a wide selection of delicious food from local restaurants. These events start on Friday and conclude on Sunday. For 2021 the festival is scheduled for June 11-13th. 


South Carolina Festival of Discovery

If you love good food and great music, then the SC Festival of Discovery is sure to be a good time. It is an annual event that is in its 20th year and absolutely worth attending. The yearly festival celebrates history, culture, food, music, arts, and crafts. If nothing else, it is a great excuse to have a good time. For 2021 the festival is scheduled for July 8-10th. 


Rock n Roll Cruisers

If you enjoy all things classic and have an appreciation for cars, then this event is sure to suit your fancy. This event happens in Uptown Greenwood every third Saturday of the month. For 2021 this classic car show will start in March and, as of right now, go until October. The times are from 6pm-9pm weather dependent. These guys are pretty active on Facebook. They have a fantastic website that they update often with their event happening. Be sure to check them out.


iMagine Lakelands Steam Festival

iMagine Lakelands Steam Festival is a wonderful event if you’re looking for something fun to do and educational. This event brings the Greenwood community together and has participants from Saluda, Newberry, McCormick, Laurens, Greenwood, Edgefield, and Abbeville communities. This event explores and celebrates Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM). This event is held in the fall typically and is part of South Carolina’s Coalition for Math and Science (SCCMS) at Clemson University. If you are looking for an educational and enlightening experience that kids will also enjoy for the weekend, this could be a great option.


Greenwood Arts Camp

If planning to be in Greenwood for a weekend or longer and you have kids ages 6-12, this Art Camp event could be great. This is a paid event, but with the vast amount of activities they introduce to the kids over 2-3 days, it is well worth the cost. Activities include drawing, painting, sculpting, and printing. These workshops start in the Spring and go through the Summer. Each workshop has different themes, which is pretty cool. Some of their frequent themes are mythical creatures, African safari, and superheroes. Check their calendar for updated event times and to register. These camps often fill up fast, so be sure to take advantage of this fantastic creative experience.


Greenwood Boo Bash

The Uptown Greenwood Boo Bash is an annual Halloween event, so if you are looking for something to do with the little ones around Halloween, then this could be a great option. The Boo Bash is essentially trunk or treat where the community and local businesses get together to provide a fun and safe environment for the kiddos to dress up and get some candy. This event is usually held the weekend before Halloween, and the times vary but check their site for more information. If you are in Greenwood around Halloween, this could be a great event to check out. 


Uptown Greenwood Holiday Lights

uptown greenwood holiday lights

This is another seasonal event that happens in Uptown Greenwood. From November through December, Uptown Greenwood transforms into an absolutely breathtaking festival of lights. You can view the lights by walking, or you can enjoy them in your car. There will be lots of singing, food and Santa is sure to make an appearance as well. There are also some great places to take Holiday photos if that is what you are looking for. If looking for a free, fun event to do around Christmas time to get in the Holiday spirit, taking a stroll through Uptown Greenville during this time is a great option.  


Dr. Benjamin Mays Historic House

Dr. Mays was born in 1894 as was one of the pioneers in the Civil Rights Movement and a mentor to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. Mays overcame many obstacles in the Jim Crow South, obtaining various degrees and trailblazing for many others that would come after him. The site that is the Dr. Mays Historic House is Dr. May’s childhood home. The home was moved from Epworth, South Carolina, to the adjacent town of Greenwood, South Carolina, following his death in 1984. If you are a history buff or in the mood to learn some African American History touring this site is definitely worth your time.


West Cambridge Park

If you are looking for a place to be active outdoors and not worry about large gatherings of people, then to a stroll through West Cambridge Park. With over 11 acres, there is lots of room to have fun. There are bike trails, open-air pavilions, picnic areas, playgrounds, and public restrooms. They also have a really nice gazebo available to rent if you’re looking to have a wedding or other special event. West Cambridge park is a great free option for things to do in Greenwood, SC.


Rock Creek Trail

If you are looking for something to do outdoors that is free, kid-friendly, and pet-friendly, then Rock Creek Trail fits the bill. The trail is just shy of a mile each way with relatively easy terrain making it perfect for little ones or adults wanting to be active but not spend all day doing it. Be sure to bring mosquito repellant, and you are sure to have a good time exploring nature on the Rock Creek Trail.


Grace Street Park

Last but definitely not least of things to do in Greenwood is Grace Street Park. This park is one of the newest parks to open in Greenwood and offers a pond equipped with ducks and geese, a gated doggie park, and walking trails. There is also a gazebo called Fuji Gazebo that is available to rent for special events. Grace Street Park was once a water filtration plant and then a nine-hole golf course. The Greenwood community and donors have done a fantastic job renovating this fifty-four-acre space so that it can be enjoyed by the public for years to come. Be sure to go check out this beautiful and wonderfully maintained park.


Visit Lake Greenwood

Whether you enjoy fishing, kayaking, canoeing or simply sitting out to enjoy nature, Lake Greenwood has something for everyone. Ask any of the locals about a good fishing spot and they are sure to mention lake Greenwood. Lake Greenwood is known to have crappie, bream, perch, catfish, and stripers(just make sure to have a fishing license). You can choose to fish off the bank, the pier or if you have a boat you can really get out and get some good fishing in. Lake Greenwood is also great for birdwatching, hiking, camping, and even geocaching. So if you are looking for something to do in Greenwood that costs little to no money and is sure to provide a fun-filled time then be sure to add Lake Greenwood to your list.

FAQs About Greenwood SC

Q: What is the population of Greenwood SC?

A: According to the 2019 US Census, the population of Greenwood SC is 23,222.

Q: How far is Greenwood SC from Columbia SC?

A: Greenwood SC is approximately 85 miles away from Columbia SC. The drive time between the two cities is about 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Q: What is the median household income in Greenwood SC?

A: According to Data USA, the median household income in Greenwood SC is $40,717.

Q: What are some popular attractions in Greenwood SC?

A: Some popular attractions in Greenwood SC include Uptown Market, Greenwood Mall, Emerald Farm, and Ninety Six National Historic Site. You can also explore hiking trails on the nearby Sumter National Forest.

Q: What is the climate like in Greenwood SC?

A: Greenwood SC has a humid subtropical climate with hot summers and mild to cool winters. Summers are usually hot and humid, with temperatures sometimes reaching into the mid-90s. Winters are generally mild and cool, with average temperatures around 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Q: Is there public transportation available in Greenwood SC?

A: Yes, Greenwood, SC has a public transportation system known as GCT (Greenwood Commuter Transit). GCT operates a variety of routes throughout the city, including express and shuttle services.

Q: What is the closest airport to Greenwood SC?

A: The closest airport to Greenwood SC is the Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (GSP), located approximately 60 miles away in Greer, South Carolina.

Q: What hospitals are located in Greenwood SC?

A: There are several healthcare facilities located in Greenwood SC, including Self Regional Healthcare, Piedmont Medical Center, and Lakelands Regional Medical Center. These facilities provide a variety of services, ranging from primary to specialty care.

Q: What events take place in Greenwood SC?

A: There are a variety of events that take place in Greenwood SC throughout the year. Popular events include the Festival of Flowers, Arts & Crafts Fair, and Watermelon Festival. Visit the City of Greenwood website for more information on upcoming events.


Q: Are there any parks or recreational areas in Greenwood SC?

A: Yes, Greenwood SC has several parks and recreational areas that offer a variety of activities. Popular parks include City Park, Emerald Farm & Gardens, and Ninety-Six National Historic Site. Visit the City of Greenwood website for more information on local parks.


Q: What percentage of Greenwood SC is black?

A: According to the 2019 US Census, approximately 47.5% of Greenwood SC is black. Additionally, 41.5% of the population identifies as white and 8.4% identify as Hispanic or Latino.

Q: What universities are located in Greenwood SC?

A: There are several colleges and universities located in or near Greenwood SC, including Lander University and Piedmont Technical College. Visit the City of Greenwood website for more information on local universities.


Q: What types of industries are in Greenwood SC?

A: There are a variety of industries located in Greenwood SC, including manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and hospitality. Additionally, there are many small businesses that contribute to the local economy. Visit the City of Greenwood website for more information on local industries.


Q: Is Greenwood SC in the mountains?

A: No, Greenwood SC is not located in the mountains. It is situated in the Piedmont region of South Carolina near Lake Greenwood and the Saluda River. The highest elevation within city limits is 352 feet above sea level.

From outdoor activities to shopping and dining, there is something to do for everyone in Greenwood SC. Whether you’re looking for a fun family outing, an educational experience, or just an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, Greenwood SC has plenty to offer. No matter what your interests are, you’re sure to find something that suits your needs when visiting this charming city.

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