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Rock Hill, SC is located 1 hour North of Columbia, SC, and 30 minutes South of Charlotte, NC. Rock Hill is known for having the only federally recognized Native American Tribe, the Catawba Indians. Rock Hill is also known for having several Revolutionary Battles. Rock Hill is home to Winthrop University and has the only telephone museum in the state. Rock Hill is a fast-growing city with lots of things to keep you entertained. Here is a list of things to do in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

Glencairn Garden

Glencairn Garden is a beautiful 11-acre park that is full of trails and fabulous scenery to enjoy. The are several varieties of trees and flowers, many indigenous to South Carolina, in full bloom in late March-early April. Whether wanting to go on a walk or a run, this park is perfect. Also, if you’re looking for a beautiful place to take pictures, then this park is it. It is rarely crowded except for when there are festivals or concerts. Glencairn Garden is home to Rock Hill’s annual Come See Me Festival, which draws a big crowd of locals and tourists looking to have a good time. The park is open from dawn to dusk 7 days a week and is free unless you are planning commercial events; then, there may be a charge.

Come See Me Festival

The Come See Me Festival is an annual event in Rock Hill and has been going strong for over 60 years. The festival lasts for 10 days and brings over 100,000 visitors from South Carolina, Georgia, and North Carolina. There are over 80 events as part of the festival. Some of these events include a frog scavenger hunt, a color me photo contest, several road races, and a drive-in firework show. The Come See Me Festival is the largest all-volunteer festival in the state and offers all visitors a chance to have fun and enjoy the outdoors. The dates change every year, but typically the festival starts the second week in April and goes over 10 days. Be sure to check out their website for updates on event dates and times.

Cherry Park

Cherry Park is the place to go for a good time outdoors. With a massive 68 acres, there is enough space to do anything outside your heart desires. Cherry Park is known for having baseball games. There are five baseball diamonds with seating for 500 at each diamond. When the baseball games are over, there are plenty of trails to go walking and exploring nature. There are also playgrounds for the little ones to have a good time as well. There are plenty of picnic tables and grilling areas perfect for having a cookout. The park is open 7 am-11 pm March through October and 7 am-9 pm November through February. This a great free option for things to do in Rock Hill.

Canaan Zipline Canopy Tour

If you enjoy adventure and aren’t afraid of heights, then this is definitely for you. The Canaan Zipline Canopy Tour is an adrenaline lover’s dream. There are two, the full tour and the bootless tour. The one you choose to go with will depend on just how crazy you want to get. The bootleg tour is more of an introduction to ziplining and a great way to get your feet wet. To start the course, you climb a 70-foot tower. Once you get to the top, there are 5 zip lines for you to zip back and forth. If you decide you want to step it up a notch, then the full tour is what you want. With the full tour, you climb a 70-foot tower as well, but instead of there being 5 zip lines, there are 9. The prices are reasonable as well, with the bootleg tour being $65 per person and the full tour being $89. They also do birthday parties, corporate events and facilitate team-building exercises. Be sure to call them before you go. They are only open on Saturdays and Sundays, and you need a reservation for all the tours. Also, be prepared to fill out a waiver before you can start zipping.

Mr. Putty’s Fun Park

Mr. Putty’s is technically in Tega Cay, SC, but it is so close to Rockhill, and it is such a good time I had to include it here. This place is so awesome and has so much to do that you could literally spend all day here. They have axe throwing, challenge zone, bungee jumping, wax making, mini-golf, ziplining, spaceball, and timber climbing. The prices here are very reasonable, but the best deal is when you purchase a combo deal for about $39 plus tax. This gives you a 2-hour all-access pass to all the activities. If you are doing more than a few activities, this is definitely the way to go. They are open every day from 12pm-8pm as long as the weather is good. They are only closed for Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Cat’s Paw Winery

As the only winery in York County, Cat’s Paw is a place you have to stop and check out if you have an appreciation for wine. The owner, John, makes his wine in small-batch style, giving the entire experience a very craft-like feel. There are close to 20 different wines as of the time of this writing. They have wines that sweets and unsweet, reds and whites. So, no matter your preference, they are sure to have a wine here that suits your palette. They have new wine tastings each month that comes with a souvenir glass. They are open Thursday-Saturday from noon to 8pm, rain or shine. A big thing to note about Cat’s Paw is that they do not allow anyone under 21 to enter their winery. Even if the minor is accompanied by an adult, they are not allowed. Some wineries are okay with those under 21 as long as they aren’t drinking, but Cat’s Paw is not one of those wineries. If you are in the mood for some wine tasting and have the kiddos with you. Lastly, they do not allow pets. Though they have 2 cute cats of their own, no outside pets are allowed.

Catawba Cultural Center

Rockhill is fortunate to have the Catawba Indians, the only federally recognized Indian tribe in South Carolina. The Catawba Cultural Center is owned and managed by the Catawba Indians. The Cultural Center is a way for visitors to learn and experience the culture of the Catawba Indians. Through dance performances and oral storytelling, visitors get an opportunity to experience what life was and is as a Catawba Indian. Along with allowing daily tours, The Catawba Cultural Center hosts 2 events each year that allow locals to learn more about the Catawba way of life. The first event is the Catawba Pow Pow which is held in the Spring and runs in conjunction with Rock Hill’s Come See Me Festival. The second event is the Yap Ye Iswa Festival. Yap Ye Iswa means Day of the Catawba. This event includes dancing, storytelling, art and crafts, and cooking. They also have events that cater more to kids and encourages them to explore and appreciate diversity. Check their website for all their program details.

Rock Hill Outdoor Center

The Rock Hill Outdoor Center is a cyclist’s dream though it’s awesome even if you aren’t a cyclist. The park is a total of 250 acres and is comprised of walking trails, biking trails, a BMX supercross track, and a criterium course. There have been local and national supercross events here. The park also has a mountain bike course, a cyclocross course, and a kayak/canoe launch. The park is free and is open daily from dusk to dawn. If you’re looking for something that you can be active and that’s free, this could be a great option.

FAQs About Rock Hill SC

Q: What is the climate like in Rock Hill SC?

A: The climate of Rock Hill, SC is classified as humid subtropical. Summers are generally hot and humid, while winters are mild with occasional cold spells. Average yearly precipitation is around 47 inches, most of which falls during the summer months when afternoon thunderstorms are frequent. Snowfall is relatively uncommon, with an average of 2-3 inches each winter.

Q: What are the major attractions in Rock Hill SC?

A: Rock Hill SC is home to numerous attractions, including Old Town Amphitheater and Cherry Park, which offers a variety of recreational activities such as swimming, hiking, biking, and disc golf. The Rock Hill Outdoor Center is a great place for rock climbing and kayaking, while the Glencairn Garden provides a tranquil park-like setting with beautiful gardens and walking trails. Sports fans can also visit Winthrop University, which hosts various collegiate sports year-round.

Q: What types of restaurants are available in Rock Hill SC?

A: Rock Hill is home to a wide variety of restaurants ranging from casual cafes to upscale dining. Options include classic American and Italian fare, as well as Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, and other international cuisines. There are also numerous local favorites, such as Bojangles and Cook Out that offer an array of burgers and fried chicken.

Q: Are there any transportation options in Rock Hill SC?

A: Yes, the city of Rock Hill provides public transportation with Routes 30 and 31, serving various locations within the city limits, as well as Chester and York counties. The Catawba Regional Transit Authority operates a free trolley service that gives access to downtown points of interest. In addition, Uber and Lyft both service Rock Hill SC.

Q: What is the cost of living in Rock Hill SC?

A: The overall cost of living in Rock Hill, SC, is slightly lower than the U.S. average. Housing costs are particularly affordable, with an average home price that is around $170,000. Groceries and utilities are also relatively inexpensive, while transportation costs can be higher due to the need for a car in this suburban area.

Q: What type of entertainment is available in Rock Hill SC?

A: Rock Hill offers plenty of entertainment options, such as festivals and special events throughout the year. The city also has several movie theaters, bowling alleys, and a variety of local attractions like the Rock Hill Galleria and the historic Main Street shopping district. Arts and culture are alive in Rock Hill, with venues such as the Center for the Arts, Glencairn Garden, and Fountain Park offering visual arts displays, music performances, theatre productions, and more.

Q: Is Rock Hill SC a safe place to live?

A: Yes, Rock Hill SC is considered to be a very safe city with low crime rates that are well below the national average. The local police department works closely with the community and takes proactive measures to ensure public safety. Residents also report feeling secure in the area and enjoy a feeling of comfort in their neighborhoods.

Q: What type of jobs are available in Rock Hill SC?

A: Rock Hill is home to numerous employment opportunities, with the largest industries being healthcare, manufacturing, retail, banking, and finance. The city also has a thriving business sector with many corporate headquarters located here. Other major employers include 3M, American Air Filter, and Celgard LLC. Whether you’re a recent graduate or an experienced professional, Rock Hill has something for everyone.

Q: Are there any schools in Rock Hill SC?

A: Yes, Rock Hill offers excellent educational opportunities with numerous public and private school options. At the elementary and secondary levels, there are numerous public school options as well as several accredited private schools. Winthrop University is located in Rock Hill offering a wide array of degree programs in addition to continuing education classes. Additionally, Clinton Junior College and York Technical College provide two-year degrees, certificate courses and various learning opportunities.

Q: Are there any recreational activities in Rock Hill SC?

A: Yes, Rock Hill is an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts, with a variety of parks, trails, and lakes providing plenty of opportunities for recreation. Popular attractions include Riverwalk Park, with its walking paths along the Catawba River, Crowders Creek Nature Preserve, and Bird Park, with its boardwalk and observation tower. The city also has several golf courses, a skate park, and numerous sports fields for soccer, softball, and more. With so many options available, residents of Rock Hill SC are sure to find something they enjoy.

Q: Is Rock Hill SC, a good place to raise a family?

A: Absolutely! Rock Hill SC is an excellent community for families, with safe neighborhoods, high-quality schools, and plenty of recreational activities. The city offers numerous family-friendly attractions such as bowling alleys, movie theaters, and museums, while the surrounding area has a variety of outdoor activities like camping and fishing. Rock Hill also boasts numerous parks, trails, and green spaces for family fun. With its welcoming atmosphere and abundance of amenities, Rock Hill is an ideal place to raise a family.

Q: Are there any public transportation options in Rock Hill SC?

A: Yes, Rock Hill SC has several public transportation options available. The city operates a bus system called COMET (Charlotte Area Transit System), which includes two fixed routes that serve downtown Rock Hill and outlying areas of the city. There is also a free shuttle service called the Greenway Express, which runs on the weekends and serves major attractions in the area. In addition, there are several taxi companies operating in the city, and the Amtrak station is located just outside of town. With all these options, getting around Rock Hill is a breeze.

Q: What kind of cultural activities are available in Rock Hill SC?

A: Rock Hill offers plenty of cultural activities for residents to enjoy. The city is home to the Rock Hill Galleria, a large shopping center with over 100 stores and restaurants. There are also several museums in town, such as the Historical Society of York County, the Museum of Western York County, and the Confederate Relic Room & Military Museum. In addition, there are numerous annual festivals and events that take place throughout the year, such as the Come-See-Me Festival and the Shriner’s Christmas Parade. With so many activities to choose from, Rock Hill SC is a great place to experience culture.

No matter how much time you have in Rock Hill, South Carolina, there is always something to do. From historical landmarks like Meriwether House and the White Home to outdoor activities like the Catawba Riverwalk and Winthrop University’s campus, Rock Hill has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a fun day out or a more adventurous weekend away, Rock Hill is the perfect place for an unforgettable experience.

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