Top 10 Best Travel Destinations of the Year

Embarking on a journey to discover the world’s most captivating destinations is a thrilling adventure for any traveler. This year’s top travel spots offer a diverse array of experiences, from the rich cultural tapestry of Europe to the vibrant cities and breathtaking landscapes of the United States. Whether you’re seeking sun-drenched beaches, historic landmarks, or gastronomic delights, our carefully curated list of the Top 10 Best Travel Destinations of the Year promises to inspire your next getaway.

Key Takeaways

  • Spain, with its stunning beaches and vibrant culture, leads the list as the most visited destination by UK residents.
  • Classic European charm is in high demand, as France, Italy, and Greece follow closely behind, offering rich history and delicious cuisine.
  • Portugal and the Republic of Ireland stand out as gems for travelers seeking scenic landscapes and unique cultural experiences.
  • The USA continues to be a top choice for its diverse attractions, from bustling cities to natural wonders.
  • Emerging destinations like Turkey, Poland, and the Netherlands are gaining popularity for their mix of tradition and modernity.

1. Spain

1. Spain

Spain is not just a haven for sun-seekers; it’s a diverse country brimming with culture and adventure. Beyond the beaches, you can immerse yourself in the vibrant city life of Madrid and Barcelona, or explore the rich history of Seville. For those who crave the outdoors, the Picos de Europa National Park offers breathtaking landscapes.

Spain’s northern region is a hidden gem, often missed by tourists. Here you’ll find a blend of stunning beaches, lush countryside, and culinary excellence. It’s the perfect escape from the summer heat and offers an authentic Spanish experience.

If you’re planning a family trip, the Balearic Islands, including Mallorca and Menorca, are top choices. And for those in search of year-round sunshine, the Canary Islands beckon with their beauty. Remember, Spain is more than a destination; it’s a journey through history, nature, and gastronomy.

2. France

2. France

France continues to captivate travelers with its enchanting landscapes, from the rustic charm of the Dordogne to the glitz of the Côte d’Azur. Discover the diverse regions of this storied country, each offering a unique slice of French life.

Culture enthusiasts will find no shortage of inspiration in France. The country’s rich history and artistic legacy make it a must-visit destination. Whether you’re exploring the opulent chateaux dotting the Loire Valley or soaking up the sun in the French Riviera, there’s an experience tailored for every taste.

For those seeking a blend of adventure and relaxation, the French Alps present the perfect backdrop. Ski or hike through the breathtaking landscapes by day, and unwind in a cozy chalet by night.

Here are some top picks for your French getaway:

  • The historic villages and pine forests of Ile de Ré
  • The pristine beaches and surf spots of Aquitaine
  • The cultural tapestry and culinary delights of Paris, especially charming in the spring

Remember, the best way to experience France is to immerse yourself in its local flavors and traditions. Bon voyage!

3. Italy

3. Italy

Italy is a treasure trove of cultural and natural wonders, making it a top pick for travelers around the world. Ancient culture, fantastic food, and charming people are just the beginning of what you can expect from this beautiful country. From the historical sites of Sicily to the dramatic Amalfi Coast, Italy offers a diverse range of destinations to suit any traveler’s taste.

Italy’s allure is timeless, and its attractions are countless. Whether you’re looking to explore ancient ruins, relax on pristine beaches, or indulge in world-renowned cuisine, Italy has something to offer everyone.

Here are a few must-visit places:

  • Lake Garda, a personal favorite located between Venice and Milan
  • The glamorous hotels and charming villas of Sicily
  • Sardinia’s best beaches
  • The Italian Lakes, with their spectacular setting and mountain views

Remember, while Tuscany may be popular, you can find your own slice of paradise by renting a villa away from the crowds. And for those who love the coast, Puglia’s 500 miles of shoreline will not disappoint.

4. Greece

4. Greece

Greece, a land where history and modernity blend seamlessly, offers an unparalleled travel experience. The allure of the Greek islands is timeless, drawing visitors with their stunning landscapes and crystal-clear waters. Among these, Crete stands out as the largest and a treasure trove of culture, far from the typical tourist trails.

When it comes to accommodations, couples and families alike can find their perfect getaway. From stylish houses to authentic adult-only hotels, Greece caters to every preference. For those seeking the quintessential Greek island life, Corfu’s villas and Paxos’s charm are irresistible. And if luxury is what you’re after, the IKOS group’s all-inclusive options provide an exquisite dining experience.

Holidays in Greece are all about simplicity. The whitewashed villas, friendly tavernas, and the warm embrace of the sun and sea encapsulate the Greek way of life. Even the cuisine is a celebration of simplicity and health.

For an active holiday, consider the Paleros Beach Resort, where water sports are the order of the day. But no matter where you choose to stay, the Greek islands offer a retreat that is both rejuvenating and inspiring.

5. Portugal

5. Portugal

Portugal, a gem on the Iberian Peninsula, is a must-visit destination that offers a rich tapestry of cultural experiences, natural beauty, and culinary delights. From the historic cities to the stunning coastline, Portugal caters to all types of travelers.

The Algarve is renowned for its beautiful beaches and golf resorts, but for those seeking tranquility away from the tourist hotspots, the Alentejo region beckons with its unspoilt charm and medieval towns. Here, you can indulge in fresh seafood by the white-sand beaches or explore the rolling wine country.

Portugal’s allure extends to its islands. Madeira, once known for its quaint reputation, now boasts luxury accommodations and historic quintas. The Azores, a haven for nature enthusiasts, offers world-class whale watching and scenic cycling routes.

As the seasons change, Portugal remains a welcoming destination. While summer showcases its vibrant beauty, winter in Portugal is a hidden treasure for those seeking a milder climate and fewer crowds. Whether you’re looking to bask in the sun or find a cozy retreat, Portugal’s diverse regions offer experiences that are both enriching and affordable.

6. USA

The United States is a treasure trove of experiences, offering an incredible variety of destinations for every type of traveler. Discover the vast natural beauty of its national parks, the vibrant cultural tapestry of its cities, and the warm welcome of its people.

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Plan your adventure across the states and find your perfect getaway, whether it’s the sun-kissed beaches of Hawaii or the historic routes of Route 66. With so many options, every visit can be a unique journey.

Embrace the freedom of exploration in a country that’s as diverse as it is large. From the iconic road trips to the serene beach retreats, the USA is a canvas for your travel dreams.

7. Republic of Ireland

7. Republic of Ireland

The Republic of Ireland beckons travelers with its enchanting blend of lush landscapes, historic treasures, and vibrant cultural experiences. March in Dublin is particularly captivating, with the city’s spirit and charm on full display. The weather may be a touch unpredictable, but that doesn’t dampen the lively atmosphere brought on by a plethora of events and celebrations.

The highlight of the month is undoubtedly St. Patrick’s Day, when Dublin dons a festive sea of green, and the streets come alive with music and performances. It’s a time when the essence of Irish culture is most palpable and engaging.

Beyond the festivities, Dublin’s cultural scene remains rich and varied throughout the year. From art exhibitions to theatrical performances, there’s always something to explore. For those seeking a deeper connection with Ireland’s artistic heritage, the opportunities are as plentiful as they are rewarding.

Here’s a quick glance at what makes the Republic of Ireland a top travel destination:

  • Lively cultural festivals and events
  • Historic sites and castles
  • Breathtaking natural beauty
  • Warm hospitality and engaging local traditions
  • A wide range of activities for all ages

8. Turkey

8. Turkey

Turkey is a treasure trove of experiences for travelers, offering a blend of history, culture, and stunning natural landscapes. With its endless Aegean coastline, Turkey boasts some of Europe’s most beautiful beaches, many of which are still untouched by mass tourism. The country’s exclusion from the Eurozone makes it a cost-effective destination, providing great value for money compared to its western neighbors.

For those seeking a more intimate setting, the charming resorts of Kalkan and Fethiye offer a serene escape from the crowds. Additionally, the opportunity to explore the coastline on a traditional gulet cruise is not to be missed. Food enthusiasts will be delighted by the superb Turkish cuisine, which is a highlight in itself.

Turkey’s rich tapestry of history is ever-present, with magnificent Roman ruins and majestic mosques just a stone’s throw away from the tranquil beaches.

If you’re considering where to stay, Simpson Travel has curated a collection of exquisite small adult-only hotels that promise a memorable and sophisticated stay. Whether you’re lounging on a secluded beach or wandering through historical sites, Turkey promises an unforgettable journey.

9. Poland

9. Poland

Poland, a country rich in history and culture, is quickly becoming a favorite among travelers. With its vibrant cities and stunning landscapes, it’s no wonder that Poland saw over 2.3 million visits from UK residents in 2022 alone.

One of the most colorful cities in Europe, Warsaw, is likely where your journey will begin. Despite being the capital city, it retains a charming blend of modernity and tradition. Here’s a quick list of must-visit places in Poland:

  • Warsaw: The vibrant capital with a resilient history.
  • Krakow: Home to the historic Wawel Castle and a lively old town.
  • Gdansk: A port city known for its maritime heritage and amber trade.
  • Wroclaw: Famous for its Market Square and hundreds of dwarf statues.

Poland offers an array of experiences, from exploring medieval castles to indulging in the local cuisine. It’s a destination that caters to all kinds of travelers, whether you’re on a quest for history, adventure, or simply a relaxing getaway.

10. Netherlands

10. Netherlands

Rounding off our Top 10 travel destinations is the charming Netherlands. Known for its iconic windmills, vibrant tulip fields, and intricate canal systems, the Netherlands offers a unique blend of historical architecture and modern design. Amsterdam, the capital city, is a hub of culture, art, and nightlife that shouldn’t be missed.

The Netherlands may not boast the same visitor numbers as some of its European neighbors, but its appeal is undeniable. With 1,931,000 visits from UK residents in 2022, it’s clear that this quaint country holds its own as a must-see location.

The Netherlands’ allure isn’t just in its cities; the countryside offers serene landscapes and picturesque villages perfect for cycling tours.

Whether you’re exploring the Anne Frank House, admiring the works of Van Gogh, or simply enjoying a leisurely boat ride through the canals, the Netherlands promises an unforgettable experience.


As we wrap up this journey through the top 10 best travel destinations of the year, we hope you’ve found inspiration for your next adventure. Whether you’re seeking the vibrant culture of Tokyo, the sunny beaches for a spring break getaway, or the historical wonders scattered across Europe, there’s a perfect spot for every traveler. Remember, the world is brimming with incredible places that cater to all—from budget-conscious explorers to those celebrating a milestone. So pack your bags, embrace the thrill of discovery, and set out to make unforgettable memories in these must-see destinations. Until next time, safe travels and happy explorations!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top travel destinations for UK residents?

The top travel destinations for UK residents in 2022 were Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Portugal, USA, Republic of Ireland, Turkey, Poland, and the Netherlands.

What are the main reasons for traveling to these destinations?

The main reason for traveling to these destinations is tourism, but the figures also include business travel and visits to friends and family.

Who are the typical travelers to these top destinations?

Typical travelers include families, couples, honeymooners, those traveling during pregnancy, solo travelers, people looking for bucket list holidays, and dog owners.

What are some popular travel categories for these destinations?

Popular travel categories include articles, hotels, things to do, vacations and tours, cruises, destinations, curated trips, restaurants, road trips, and campgrounds.

Can I find budget-friendly options among these top destinations?

Yes, the world is full of cheap vacation spots, and by doing some research and being flexible, you can visit many destinations on a budget.

Are these destinations suitable for celebrating special occasions?

Yes, these destinations are great for celebrating special occasions such as milestone birthdays, Easter holidays, Christmas, New Year, and wedding anniversaries.

What are the trending travel destinations for spring break this year?

The top travel destinations for spring break include places where you can lay in the sun, see dolphins, or visit historical sites. The specific destinations may vary each year.

Is there a recommended time of year to visit these top destinations?

While these destinations can be visited year-round, some may have peak seasons depending on the weather and local events. It’s best to research each destination for the ideal time to visit.

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