Top Travel Credit Cards with No Annual Fee

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How does the thought of traveling worldwide using a travel card that doesn’t charge an annual fee sound? Interesting, yeah? Yes, it’s possible to travel the world using travel cards with zero annual fees. Are you tired of those credit card annual fees that don’t seem to go away? Let’s get right in and discover everything about travel credit cards with no annual fee.
A travel credit card is any credit card that offers points, travel miles, or cash back for transactions made on such a card. These rewards often include travel-related purchases and regular purchases. While enjoying all of these benefits with your credit card is fantastic, there are still more to travel credit cards.
By transacting using these cards, you can enjoy benefits like introductory 0% interest rates, travel discounts, gift cards, insurance on rental cars, discount at specific retail chains, and no-annual fee rewards, among others.
Since these cards do not charge an annual fee, you may be wondering what the catch is. There’s none. They have several benefits and perks. With laid down terms and conditions, you can enjoy varieties of rewards on your credit without worrying about any yearly payment.

No-Annual-Fee Travel Credit Cards: What you should know
Depending on your traveling and financial needs and habits, getting a credit card with no annual fee might be an appealing option. But then, you should consider some factors before going for it. You can choose a no-annual-fee travel credit card if:
· You can’t afford the extra cost;
· You are not a big spender;
· You need a credit-builder card or just a starter;
· You fancy a card with a 0% introductory yearly percentage rate; and
· You want to diversify your wallet (trying out something different with other card types).
Having said this, no-annual-fee cards also come with their downside, which you must crosscheck with the advantages to see the weighing option
· Higher interest rate
· Higher fees for cash advances, foreign transactions, and balance transfers; and
· Never expect top-tier perks – good if they come.
Finally, before picking up a no-annual-fee credit card or downgrading to one, you should consider the following factors.
· The interest rate;
· Fees or charges on transactions;
· Additional benefits that come with the card
· Your eligibility (check with your issuer to confirm);
· Your credit score (make better use of it if you are downgrading).
Travel Credit Cards with No Annual Fee

  1. Bank of America Travel Rewards Credit Card: With the Bank of America Travel Rewards credit card, a cardholder enjoys an unlimited 1.5 points per dollar spent on a purchase (1.5 points/$). It offers a no-annual-fee benefit, among several others. Once you apply for the credit card and open your first account, you get a 25,000 welcome bonus point after a transaction of at least $1,000 is recorded in your first 90 days. This bonus point can be redeemed into a $250 statement credit which can be used for travel purchases.
    Other benefits that come with the card include the Intro APR, which is 0% APR for the first 12 billing cycles on purchases; Regular APR, which is about 13.99% to 23.99% variable; absence of foreign transaction fee, no limitation on points, etc. One major con is that the promotional 0% APR doesn’t apply to balance transfers.
  2. Capital One VentureOne Rewards Credit Card: This card is highly recommended for hotel bookings. Capital One VentureOne Rewards Credit Card is a no-annual-fee card that gives cardholders an unlimited 1.25X miles on all purchases. Also, booking rental cars and hotels through Capital One Travel avails you a 5X offer on all purchases.
    Amazing, right? That’s why Capital One VentureOne Rewards Credit Card is the best choice for travelers who are always on the move and regularly lodging in hotels. Also, with this credit card, you can transfer your miles to any airline in partnership with Capital One like Air France, Air Canada, Emirate Skywards, and JetBlue.
    Some other benefits include no foreign transaction fees, 0% APR for 15 months on purchases and balance transfers, and a bonus of 20,000 miles which can be redeemed into $500 within three months of account opening. You can redeem your bonus into gift cards or cash (in the form of account credit or check).
  3. Discover it Miles Card: The Discover it® Miles Card is known for its special offer, which gives it an advantage over others. It is a no-annual-fee credit card, like others, but it goes the extra mile for its cardholders. It offers an unmatched 70,000 miles bonus for new users who cover 35,000 miles within the first 12 months of account opening.
    The Discover it Miles Card offers you an unlimited 1.5X miles on each dollar you spend on purchases. You can also redeem your miles bonus as a bank deposit, purchase a gas station or restaurant, or as a statement credit for travel. The bonus offered doesn’t expire even if you close your account.
    With the huge bonus offered, there are some setbacks to using this credit card for your travel plans. It doesn’t provide any TSA PreCheck or global entry statement credit offerings, no additional rewards for traveling spending, and no access to the airport lounge (with your credit card). No foreign transaction fee and 0% Intro APR for the first 15 months of purchase are added advantages.
  4. Chase Freedom Flex: The Chase Freedom Flex is a no-annual-fee credit card capable of handling all your spending needs without running into debts. With this card, you enjoy an unending earnings structure that, when activated, grants you access to 5% rewards (maximum of $1,500 earnable).
    The first three months after you open an account, you can unlock your potential $200 bonus after making your first $500 purchases. Using this credit card, you can reduce your travel cost with a 5% cash back once you make your booking through Chase Ultimate rewards.
    Aside from this, you also get a 3% cash back on drugstore purchases, delivery services, takeout, and dining at restaurants. You get a 1% cash back offer on the other purchase type. With Chase Credit Journey, you can keep track of the status of your credit card, check your credit score and credit-time alerts. Other bonuses include the 0% Intro APR in the first 15 months of opening an account.
  5. United Gateway Card: United Gateway Card is a credit card that offers Visa Signature benefits and numerous other benefits. It is a no-annual-fee credit card that gives 2X points to users on every $1 United purchase made either at gas stations or local transit.
    Once you apply for the credit card and open your first account, you get a 30,000 welcome bonus point after a transaction of at least $1,000 is recorded in your first three months. This bonus point can be redeemed into a $250 statement credit which can be used for travel purchases.
    Also, it imposes no charges on foreign transactions, making it possible to enjoy unending United Airlines award travel availability. You also enjoy perks like rental car insurance, extended warranty protection, purchase protection, and 25% cash back as a statement credit on purchases of food, Wi-Fi, and beverages while paying with your card aboard United-operated flights.
    The major drawback of this credit card is that it doesn’t offer a checked-bag-fee waiver. It doesn’t assure you of a boost towards the frontline, as it lacks a priority boarding perk.
  6. Best Western Rewards MasterCard: Issued by a First National Bank of Omaha division, the Best Western Rewards MasterCard is a credit card that provides Best Western loyalists with various perks and benefits. Apart from the $0 annual fee, you will receive a signup bonus of 40,000 points on your first $1,000 purchase in the first three billing cycles.
    At the end of every 12 billing cycles, you stand a chance to get another 20,000 points if you have spent up to $5,000. As a Best Western Rewards MasterCard credit cardholder, you are automatically enrolled as a Best Western Rewards member. This membership allows you to earn 13 points per $1 spent on Best Western stays.
    Other benefits of this credit card include earning 2 points on every $1 purchase elsewhere and automatic Best Western Gold status, which gives you up to 10% bonus points throughout your stay in Best Western. You also have an exclusive reservation line and experience no blackout dates with your automatic Gold status.
  7. Marriot Bonvoy Bold Credit Card: As a Marriot Bonvoy Bold credit cardholder, you have a limited one-time signup bonus of up to 60,000 bonus points which becomes available after your first $20,000 purchase in the first three months of account opening. Also, using the credit card, you get up to 14X of Bonvoy points on each of your $1 purchases at any Marriot Bonvoy hotel.
    Like the Best Western Rewards MasterCard, you tend to rise to the elite status with the Marriot Bonvoy Bold credit card. You also earn six Bonvoy points per dollar spent at the hotels and two points on purchases made elsewhere. Also, as a cardholder, you have access to a yearly free night award celebrating your account anniversary, which replaces the annual $95 annual fee.
    If you are a traveler who wants to stay within budget, then Marriot Bonvoy Bold Credit Card is an excellent option for you. You also enjoy other perks like no foreign transaction fee, 15 Elite Night Credits each year, which gives you a chance to earn Silver Elite Status, and $5,000 points per night for off-peak pricing.
  8. IHG Rewards Traveler Credit Card: With the IHG Rewards Traveler credit Card, you can earn up to 17 points on each dollar spent at EVEN, Crowne Plaza, InterContinental, Kimpton, Holiday Inn, and other IHG properties. You also enjoy a monthly bonus point on monthly bills, restaurants, and gas. All these perks do not reduce your signup bonus.
    Aside from being a no-annual-fee credit card, you enjoy high rewards rates and luxury perks using the IHG Rewards Traveler credit Card. The welcome bonus is 80,000 bonus points within the first three months of opening your account after you successfully completed total purchases worth $2,000.
    On every purchase made with the IHG Rewards Traveler credit Card, you get five points per dollar worth of bonus, three points for monthly bills, and two points on other purchases. However, your points will expire if your account is inactive for 12 months. Usage of cards counts as an activity.
  9. Hilton Honors American Express Card: Enjoying Hilton benefits with no intention to pay an annual fee will mean going for the Hilton Honors American Express Card. With the credit card, you get over 75,000 Hilton Honors Bonus points as a first-timer with a record of at least $1,000 in purchases over the first three months of membership.
    Also, you will earn 700% Hilton Honors Bonus Points on each dollar spent in any resorts or hotels operated by Hilton. Likewise, on each dollar purchase made at U.S. supermarkets, gas stations, or restaurants, you earn up to 500% Hilton Honors Bonus Points. The only con with the Hilton Honors American Express Card is the absence of free anniversary night.
    Other offers include Automatic Silver status, a pathway to Gold status after a $20,000 transaction or more on your account, high ongoing rewards, and no foreign transaction fee.
  10. JetBlue Card: With a JetBlue Credit card, you attain full ownership of a card without any yearly fee attached. The JetBlue Credit Card membership offers you 10,000 bonus points after a transaction of $1,000 has been recorded on your account within the first 90 days of account opening.
    Furthermore, you earn 3X, 2X, and 1X points on eligible JetBlue purchases, restaurants, and all other purchases, respectively. The funds or bonuses available in your account don’t expire. However, it doesn’t offer you free checked bags, and the signup bonus is relatively lower. Other benefits include zero foreign transaction fees, Into APR period, and discounts on selected in-flight purchases.
  11. Wyndham Rewards Earner Credit Card: With Wyndham Rewards Earner Credit Card, you can earn up to 30,000 bonus points after recording purchases of at least $1,000 within the first 90 days of account opening. This signup bonus is enough to get you a space in the free nights for four different nights.
    On each dollar spent on eligible purchases made at hotels and gas stations, you get up to 5X bonus points. For each dollar spent on eligible purchases made at a grocery store and restaurants, you get up to 5X bonus points. Limited redemptions and no free anniversary night are the major downsides of the credit card.
    Apart from those mentioned, you also enjoy a high rewards rate, anniversary perk, and automatic Gold and elite status.
  12. Delta SkyMiles Blue American Express Card: The Delta SkyMiles Blue American Express Card offers you a starting bonus of 10,000 bonus miles once you reach the “Threshold Amount” of $500 or more within your first three months of Card Membership. As a Delta SkyMiles Blue American Express cardholder, you are open to multiple offers, including 20% cash back on in-flight purchases.
    This 20% cash back will be in the form of statement credit for specific pre-purchased alcoholic beverages, audio headsets, food, and inflight meals on Delta-operated flights. However, some in-flight purchases are not covered by the 20% cash back, including wireless internet access and charitable contributions.
    Another perk that comes with American Express Card is that cardholders get access to American Express programs before members of the general public. All you need to do is pay with your American Express Card and get your ticket approved. Also, you have access to the American Express app and its features as a cardholder.
    Other benefits include; award travels, card member performance, Delta No Blackout Dates, Delta SkyMiles MarketPlace, Dispute Resolution, Global Assist Hotline, and zero foreign transaction charges, among others.
    Final Thoughts
    As appealing as it is to get offered benefits for reaching a specific financial milestone as provided by the firm offering the card, some cardholders are still not ready to pay any fee. After all, the payment is worth it if it works perfectly and comes with a pack of benefits. The good news is that several travel credit cards provide you with no-annual-fee benefits alongside many other perks.
    When properly utilized, some credit cards can become an effective weapon for their user’s financial security. Not only do many credit cards come with incentives and rewards for transactions made or reaching specified financial thresholds, but they also grant you a no-annual fee option.
    Now is the time to enjoy your travels more. There are many no-annual-fee credit cards for you to choose from. The good thing about it all is that you know you are not giving out any money to any credit card issuer at the end of each financial year. Let’s go on that adventure now!!

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