Explore Savannah, GA in November: Best Activities and Attractions

November is an ideal month to explore Savannah, GA, as the mild temperatures and beautiful fall foliage create a picturesque backdrop for outdoor activities and cultural experiences. From strolling through the historic district to indulging in Savannah’s culinary delights, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Here are the key takeaways:

Key Takeaways

  • Stroll Through Historic District
  • Visit Forsyth Park
  • Explore River Street
  • Discover Bonaventure Cemetery
  • Tour the Telfair Museums

Experience the Charm of Savannah

Stroll Through Historic District

This stretch of historic Savannah is said to be the most beautiful street in the USA, and we have to agree. There’s no shortage of photo-worthy ops, so we recommend walking the entire length of the street to take it all in. Jones Street: This historic example of “Steamboat Gothic” architecture looks … well, like a Gingerbread House! Wander down this way and you’ll explore a totally different part of historic Savannah – the Victorian District. Savannah Belles Ferry: Take in views of Savannah from the river during a free ride on the Savannah Belles Ferry.

Visit Forsyth Park

Forsyth Park is a must-visit destination in Savannah. This large city park occupies 30 acres in the historic district and offers a variety of activities for visitors of all ages. Take an early morning stroll through the park and admire the iconic fountain, which is one of the most recognizable landmarks in Savannah. Capture some beautiful photos before the crowds arrive. The park also features walking paths, a children’s play area, a Fragrant Garden for the blind, tennis courts, and more. It’s the perfect place to relax, enjoy nature, and soak up the charm of Savannah.

Explore River Street

River Street in Savannah is a thriving tourist hotspot and one of the best spots to take a stroll, grab a drink (to go, of course), snag a few praline samples, and watch the sun setting over the Savannah River. The area along the riverfront dates back 200 years and is lined with cobblestones, reflecting the city’s rich history. While exploring River Street, you can admire the Georgia Queen historic steamboat and wave at the Waving Woman. Don’t forget to pay homage to the enslaved families represented by the African-American Monument, a significant site that acknowledges Savannah’s role in the slave trade. For more local tips and recommendations, check out this blog post by Sand, Sun & Messy Buns.

Discover Bonaventure Cemetery

Bonaventure Cemetery is a must-visit attraction in Savannah. This beautiful and famous cemetery offers a unique experience that is both haunting and captivating. During the day, you can explore the cemetery on your own using the Bonaventure historical society’s mobile app for a self-guided tour. But for a truly immersive experience, consider taking a guided tour after dark. This allows you to stroll among the Gothic graves, towering oak trees, and trailing Spanish moss in an eerie nighttime setting. Listen to tales of the cemetery’s history, including stories of serial killers, root doctors, and doomed love affairs. It’s a fascinating way to connect with the ghosts of Savannah’s past.

Immerse Yourself in Savannah’s Culture

Tour the Telfair Museums

When visiting Savannah, a must-see attraction for art enthusiasts is the Telfair Museums. The Telfair Museums consist of three unique museums that showcase a diverse range of art and history. The main museum, the Telfair Academy, houses an impressive collection of American and European art, including works by renowned artists such as Childe Hassam and Mary Cassatt. Explore the galleries and immerse yourself in the beauty and creativity of these masterpieces.

Another museum included in your ticket is the Jepson Center, which focuses on contemporary art and hosts rotating exhibitions that highlight the work of both established and emerging artists. Discover thought-provoking installations and innovative artwork that push the boundaries of traditional art forms.

Lastly, don’t miss the Owens-Thomas House, a historic house museum that provides a glimpse into the lives of Savannah’s elite during the Antebellum era. Step back in time as you learn about the architectural features and interior design of this grand mansion.

Your ticket to the Telfair Museums also includes entrance to the Davenport Museum, located just around the corner from the Owens-Thomas House. This museum is the very first home ever preserved and restored by the Savannah Historic Foundation. Experience the rich history and learn about the lives of the people who lived in this historic home.

Plan your visit to the Telfair Museums and indulge in a world of art, history, and culture.

Attend Savannah Food and Wine Festival

The Savannah Food and Wine Festival is a must-attend event for food and wine enthusiasts visiting Savannah in November. This week-long festival showcases the best of Savannah’s culinary scene, featuring top chefs, local restaurants, and a wide variety of wines. Indulge in delicious dishes prepared by renowned chefs and savor the flavors of Southern cuisine. The festival offers a unique opportunity to taste a wide range of dishes, from traditional Southern favorites to innovative creations. Whether you’re a foodie or simply enjoy good food and wine, the Savannah Food and Wine Festival is an event you don’t want to miss.

Explore SCAD Museum of Art

The SCAD Museum of Art in Savannah, Georgia is a must-visit for art enthusiasts. This contemporary art museum showcases a wide range of modern works and features a permanent collection of modern art. One of the highlights of the museum is the First Friday Art March, a monthly event that allows visitors to immerse themselves in the vibrant art scene of the city. Whether you’re a fan of contemporary art or simply appreciate artistic expression, a visit to the SCAD Museum of Art is sure to be a memorable experience.

Enjoy Outdoor Adventures

Take a Dolphin Tour

If you’re looking for a thrilling adventure on the water, don’t miss the opportunity to take a dolphin tour. Tybee Island, just a short distance from Savannah, is known for its incredible dolphin-watching experiences. Hop on a boat and get ready to spot bottle-nose dolphins in their natural habitat. As you cruise along the coast, you’ll also have the chance to visit three of Tybee’s scenic lighthouses. It’s a fantastic way to enjoy the beauty of the island and get up close to these majestic creatures.

Travel Tip: The easiest way to visit Tybee Island is by taking a tour from Savannah, like this dolphin-watching boat tour (with lunch) that picks you up and drops you off in Savannah’s historic district. You’ll eat fresh seafood, hop on a boat to spot bottle-nose dolphins, and visit three of Tybee’s scenic lighthouses.

So, grab your camera and get ready for an unforgettable experience with dolphins in Tybee Island!

Go Kayaking on Tybee Island

Tybee Island is the perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts. With its stunning beaches and diverse natural landscapes, there are plenty of activities to enjoy. One of the best ways to explore the island is by kayaking. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced paddler, there are options for everyone.

Kayaking allows you to navigate through the calm waters surrounding Tybee Island and discover hidden coves and wildlife habitats. You can paddle along the coastline, taking in the beautiful views and spotting dolphins along the way. It’s a peaceful and immersive experience that allows you to connect with nature.

If you’re interested in kayaking on Tybee Island, there are several rental shops and guided tours available. These tours provide all the necessary equipment and expert guidance, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience. Whether you choose to explore on your own or join a guided tour, kayaking on Tybee Island is a must-do activity for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

Here are some highlights from other travelers:

  • Explore the Lighthouse
  • Go dolphin watching
  • Try water sports
  • Tour the Telfair Museums in Savannah

So grab a kayak and get ready to explore the natural beauty of Tybee Island!

Hike at Skidaway Island State Park

Skidaway Island State Park offers a beautiful natural setting for hiking enthusiasts. With over 6 miles of trails, you can explore the park’s diverse ecosystems, including marshes, forests, and tidal creeks. Keep an eye out for wildlife like deer, birds, and even alligators! The park also features an observation tower where you can enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced hiker, Skidaway Island State Park has something for everyone.

If you’re planning a visit, here are some important tips:

  • Wear comfortable shoes and bring plenty of water.
  • Check the park’s website for trail maps and any updates on closures or restrictions.
  • Don’t forget your camera! The park offers plenty of photo opportunities with its stunning scenery.

So lace up your hiking boots and get ready to explore the natural beauty of Skidaway Island State Park!

Indulge in Savannah’s Culinary Delights

Savor Southern Cuisine

When in Savannah, you cannot miss the opportunity to indulge in the mouthwatering flavors of Southern cuisine. From fried chicken with cornbread dressing to sweet potato souffle, black-eyed peas, okra gumbo, corn muffins, and biscuits, the city offers a wide range of delectable dishes that will satisfy your taste buds. One of the must-visit restaurants is Mrs. Wilkes’ Dining Room, a family-style dining room located in a historic home. However, be prepared to wait in line as the dining room is closed on weekends and only open for lunch on weekdays. Arriving before opening at 10:30 AM is recommended to secure a table. Another popular spot is Vic’s on the River, a romantic restaurant with a stunning view of the water. Don’t miss their She crab soup, fried green tomatoes, and shrimp & grits. For a unique experience, consider taking a walking food tour to sample some of the most famous spots in Savannah. Whether you’re a fan of traditional Southern staples or looking to try something new, Savannah’s culinary scene has something for everyone.

Try Lowcountry Boil

Savannah offers a variety of must-try dishes, including the Lowcountry boil and Southern fried chicken. The city also has a vibrant nightlife scene with live music venues and craft cocktail lounges. Visitors can explore historic attractions like the Mercer House and indulge in Southern cuisine like shrimp and grits.

Visit Local Farmers’ Market

When in Savannah, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the local farmers’ market. It’s a vibrant and bustling place where you can find a wide variety of fresh produce, artisanal products, and homemade treats. Explore unique boutiques and art galleries at the City Market, sample local products at the farmers market, enjoy live entertainment, and visit historic sites like River Street, Forsyth Park, and Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah, GA. The market is a great place to immerse yourself in the local culture and support local businesses. Whether you’re looking for ingredients for a delicious meal or unique souvenirs to take home, the farmers’ market has something for everyone.

Experience Savannah’s Festive Spirit

Celebrate Savannah’s Veterans Day Parade

Every year on November 26, Savannah hosts the Veterans Day Parade, a beloved tradition that has been part of the city’s culture for almost 20 years. This festive event brings the community together to honor and show support for our veterans. The parade features a Christmas fleet cruising on the river, adorned with beautiful festive lights. It’s a sight not to be missed! The best part is that all participants in the parade are volunteers, so you can feel the community spirit and dedication. While the parade is free to watch, you also have the option to contribute to the fundraiser organized by the event organizers to support the Greenbriar Children’s Center. It’s a wonderful opportunity to celebrate our veterans and give back to the community.

Attend Savannah Harbor Holiday Series

The Savannah Harbor Holiday Series is a must-attend event during your visit to Savannah in November. This series of festive celebrations brings the holiday spirit to life with a variety of activities and attractions. From the Boat Parade of Lights to Santa’s arrival, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

One of the highlights of the series is the Boat Parade of Lights. This annual tradition features a fleet of boats decorated with festive lights cruising along the river. It’s a magical sight that shouldn’t be missed. The parade is held on November 26 and is free for all to watch. However, you can choose to contribute to the fundraiser organized to support the Greenbriar Children’s Center.

In addition to the boat parade, there are other exciting events to experience. Santa’s arrival is a special moment for both kids and adults. You can join in the fun as Santa makes his grand entrance and enjoy taking photos with him. There are also opportunities to donate new toys for children at the Greenbriar Children’s Center.

Make sure to mark your calendar for the Savannah Harbor Holiday Series and immerse yourself in the festive spirit of Savannah.

Explore Savannah’s Christmas Market

The Savannah Christmas Market is a must-visit attraction during the holiday season. Located at the Plant Riverside District on West River Street, this market offers a festive and magical experience for visitors of all ages. Take a stroll through the themed stalls and capture memorable photos with your loved ones. Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere and enjoy the live shows that add to the holiday spirit. Indulge in delicious Christmas goodies and don’t miss the opportunity to meet Santa Claus, who will surely delight the kids. The market’s opening hours vary depending on the dates, so be sure to check their website for the latest information.


In conclusion, November is a wonderful time to explore Savannah, GA. From the River Street Riverboat Lunch & Dinner Cruises to the Ghost Trolley Tour and Pirate’s House dinner, there are plenty of activities to enjoy. The American Prohibition Museum offers a fascinating dive into history, and the holiday sightseeing and night tours add a festive touch. Whether you’re interested in history, food, or holiday festivities, Savannah has something for everyone. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the charm and beauty of this historic city in November.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best activities to do in Savannah, GA in November?

Some of the best activities to do in Savannah, GA in November include strolling through the Historic District, visiting Forsyth Park, exploring River Street, and discovering Bonaventure Cemetery.

What cultural attractions can I explore in Savannah, GA in November?

In November, you can explore cultural attractions in Savannah, GA such as the Telfair Museums, the Savannah Food and Wine Festival, and the SCAD Museum of Art.

Are there any outdoor adventures to enjoy in Savannah, GA in November?

Yes, there are outdoor adventures to enjoy in Savannah, GA in November. You can take a dolphin tour, go kayaking on Tybee Island, or hike at Skidaway Island State Park.

What culinary delights can I indulge in Savannah, GA in November?

In November, you can indulge in Savannah’s culinary delights such as savoring Southern cuisine, trying Lowcountry Boil, and visiting local farmers’ markets.

What festive events can I experience in Savannah, GA in November?

In November, you can experience Savannah’s festive spirit by celebrating the Veterans Day Parade, attending the Savannah Harbor Holiday Series, and exploring Savannah’s Christmas Market.

What are some must-see sights in Savannah, GA in November?

Some must-see sights in Savannah, GA in November include the Historic District, Forsyth Park, River Street, and Bonaventure Cemetery.

Are there any family-friendly activities in Savannah, GA during Christmas?

Yes, there are family-friendly activities in Savannah, GA during Christmas. Some ideal activities for families include embarking on the Savannah Majestic Christmas tour, taking the Savannah Holiday Sights Trolley tour, sailing with Santa at Savannah River, and enjoying the Lighted Christmas Parade.

What outdoor activities can I try with a group in Savannah, GA during Christmas?

During Christmas in Savannah, GA, you can try outdoor activities with a group such as embarking on the Savannah Majestic Christmas tour, taking a holiday sightseeing tour, and enjoying a nature walk at one of Savannah’s local state parks or wildlife refuges.

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